6 Best Paint for BBQ Smoker | Which One Should Pick

Finding the best paint for BBQ smoker is pretty tricky. There are a few facts which you have to check before picking one. It’s suggested to utilize long-lasting and rust-resistant paint, which will offer the smoker better protection.

High-temperature paint for BBQ smokers is common to paint on the barbeque grills. Applying this type of paint will renew the surface from too much heat. 

Here we have together reliable and budget-friendly paints. Every painting is reviewed and chosen by our expert editors. Hopefully, this post will help you discover the perfect one saving your time. 

Best Paint for BBQ Smoker
Our top pick
Top picRust-Oleum 7778830 Bar-B-Que Paint
Editor’s choiceRust-Oleum 7778502 BBQ paint
Best automotive high heat paintKrylon High Heat BBQ Paint
Best high heat BBQ paintKrylon High Heat Smoker Paint
Best high heat stove paintRutland Flat Stove Paint
Best high heat liquid paintRutland Brush-On Paint

Jump into the deep!

We have selected the 6-best paint for the BBQ pit to evaluate in this buying guide. The color variant finishing type and longevity of paint for smokers have to be checked for effective usage. The detailed aspects can help find out the best product for your tasks. 

Brand: Rust-Oleum

01. Rust-Oleum 7778830 BBQ Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7778830-2PK High


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in a pack of –6
  • Unit count: 11 oz (Every pack)
  • Color: Black, Almond, White, Green, and Silver
  • Suitable for: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Satin
  • Paint type: Spray
  • Drying time: 30-min

The first paint for BBQ smokers makes our list from Rust-Oleum. This barbecue spray paint is the best because it is the only package in the current market available with different colors. The versatile options give you a great chance to choose the color from the same brand depending on your necessity. 

What a great option? What about the features? 

Yes, the Rust-Oleum is a well-known brand in the automotive world, and they know what the best is for the customers. Based on their top-ranking popularity, every single tool constructs with high-quality aspects. 

Let’s move and see what features fit into this model!  

What makes it best?

  • The satin finish is the key aspect of any spray paint on any surface of the smoker. This type of paint will appear amazing on the grill, and the glossiness makes the surface just like the new one. It makes the instrument look much more premium. 
  • This model of the Rust-Oleum is super durable than most other spray paints in the recent market. It incorporates a dust-protection system that keeps your smoker nice and clean to look all the time. The paint also stays for a long time and doesn’t fade even after a long time of heat.
  • It lets you apply the paint very easily without using any painting brush. The can is very simple to grip and apply on the surface. This paint retains the satin finish for more than 1200°F.   
User’s say

To be honest, it is an extremely nice product and sprayed smooth. We used it for the kitchen grill and gas cast iron stove. It also comes out nice looking. 

Expert’s say

With a rough satin finish, the Rust-Oleum 7778830 BBQ spray smoker is undoubtedly one of the best choices for any grills. This high-temp spray paint will offer your metal solid save with an amazing outlook. The rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant features can save the grills from getting dust or rusty.   

02. Rust-Oleum 7778502 BBQ Enamel paint

Rust-Oleum 7778502 Heat


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in a pack of – 1
  • Color: Black
  • Use: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Satin
  • Unit count: 32 fl oz
  • Paint type: Enamel
  • Cover: 65 to 130 sq feet
  • Drying time: 30-min

Our second best paint for BBQ smokers on our list is also from Rust-Oleum. This can of paint is formulated with a blend of heat-resistant pigments. The non-organic can survive temperatures up to 1200°F. This 3 fl oz enamel paint is enough to cover up to 130 sq ft surface area. 

We select this paint for some reasons, and they are:      

What makes it best?

  • It offers great color retention while working with higher temperatures. At the same time, you haven’t reached a high temperature for smoking. In this case, it doesn’t need to have a higher threshold.
  • This oil-based formulated paint is designed to properly renew the metal surface from interior to exterior area. Luckily, if you need it, it allows you to use different surfaces like wood or gas stoves. This paint dries faster and lets you finish your project quickly.
  • It is a very long-lasting paint for different surfaces. And you can get decent protection from the grills or smoker from dust. Thus the painted area will manage the top-notch appearance for a long time. This paint can increase the durability and protection of the metal from high heat.     
User’s review

A customer gave five stars and reviewed that I used this paint on my new build smoker. It is a suitable black color that I searched for a few days. The actual color of it is very dark, and I am hundred percent satisfied with it.  

Expert’s say

According to the Smoking meat forums.com, “the Rust-Oleum high heat paint will last for the cooker. You might like to go an auto performance and pick some header paint for the firebox. The temperature range of this paint is between 1000° to1200° F.”

Let’s check the next Brand… 


03. Krylon K01707077 Spray Paint

Krylon K01709077 High Heat Spray Paint


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in pack of –1
  • Unit count: 12 ounce
  • Color: Brown
  • Use: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Satin
  • Paint type: Spray
  • Origin: USA
  • Drying time: 15-min

Now we want to talk about the first product of the Krylon brand. Yes, this is our second brand model, which is universally the most popular brand. 

Krylon K01707077 Spray Paint will protect a position on our list as the best high-temperature grill paint. This spray paint can survive the heat of more than 1200°F is wonderful and impressive. It won’t be cracking, bubbling, and peeling even in extreme heat temp.   

What makes it best?

  • The satin finish can give the surface an elegant looking. And this feature makes the grill a premium appearance. Well, if you are searching for something that comes with a satin finish, it is ideal for you. 
  • Now let’s talk about its color options. It arrives in six different colors: black, brown, white, and satin black plus white. The means of it that you can’t get more options to select between different colors and different finishes. 
  • Apart from those features, this spray dries up faster than other models and brands. Unlike other spray paints, it can dry up completely within 15-minutes. It lets you repaint your BBQ smoker again and again when you want.
User’s say

Some users say about the white satin, and some say that I got this model more than I expected before purchasing it. I picked it for my gas stove, and next time I apply it for my new BBQ grills. It has changed my kitchen surrounding overall. It’s great to paint!   

04. Krylon K01608000 High Heat Paint

Krylon K01608000 High Heat Max


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in pack of –1
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Surface: Metal 
  • Use: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Gloss
  • Unit count: 12 ounce
  • Drying time: 10-min or less

The 2nd option of Krylon is this high heat maximum rust-resistant spray paint. It also offers different colors from the same formula. Well, that is where this brand’s model stepped in.

Let’s see why we prefer it as the best one!

What makes it best?

  • Like we mentioned above, there are different color options this model offers. So, it will be very easy for you to select multiple colors from black, copper, or aluminum. All of the options are glossy, making a shiny look on your grill.
  • Besides, this spray painter is an extremely faster dryer. After coating the surface of the grill or smoker, you just need to wait for 10 minutes sometimes or less. So, it won’t take more from your valuable time. 
  • Just like other spray paint, this one boasts high-level corrosion resistivity possessions. Only for this, after coating the paint on the exterior surface of your bbq smoker, you don’t need to worry about catching dust, rust, or corrosion. 
User’s say

What actually, said the customers and users who have already used it once or more time? Yes, some people reviewed that I didn’t like to apply the paint using a brush, and I thought at a time to pick spray paint for my grill. And I found it recommended my one friend. At that time, I fell in love with it and used it when needed. 

Let’s check the Last Brand… 


Lastly, we have reached our final section, where we will review two paints from the RUTLAND brand.

Rutland delivered stove, fireplace, and similar maintenance items from 1883. This manufacturing aims to produce quality fireplaces, chimneys, and healthy lifestyle products to make our easy and joyful life. Painting is one of their popular products to the grill owner.   

05. Rutland 1200 degree Stove Paint

Rutland Products Rutland


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in pack of –1
  • Color: Black
  • Use: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Matte
  • Unit count: 16 fl oz
  • Paint type: Enamel
  • Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 1-year

If you are questing for great performance for your BBQ smoker tool, you can think of this 1200° Rutland brush-on enamel paint. Yes, it will be the perfect choice for various types of use like steel, cast iron, aluminum, brick, and most other metals.

What are the key features? 

What makes it best?

  • The paint holds out up to 1200-degree, and for this reason, it makes you ensure to use it without any defect. It allows applying the paint without using any primer before painting. The paint arrives in flat back colors with a matte finish but looks great on your grill surface.
  • The versatility is another key aspect of this paint. You can pick it for several surfaces and use it for grills, smokers, stovepipes, and chimney caps. 
  •  That all-in-one feature makes it different from other painting models and brands. It is also a long-lasting brush on paint and looks stunning for years by protecting the paint from rust.  
User’s say

It is solid paint for its color quality with a matte finish that can make any surface fantastic to look at. Even any old fireplace looks like a newly purchased one after painting.  

06. Rutland 1400 Degree High Temp Paint

Rutland Premium 1400 Degree


Specs at a glance:

  • Comes in pack of –1
  • Color: Black
  • Use: Interior & exterior
  • Finish type: Satin
  • Unit count: 16 fl oz
  • Paint type: Enamel
  • Origin: USA

Rutland’s next and final product is the Rutland premium 1400 degree flat back brush on paint. 

According to the brand and manufacturer, this paint is specially formulated to resist peeling or blistering under up to 1400°F tempt. It allows you to renew the finish on cast iron, ovens, smokers, grills, and cookers.

Let’s see what the features of it are!   

What makes it best?

  • This flat black paint can hold multiple fast surfaces like steel, cast iron, aluminum, and many more metallic areas. It helps to back the previous look on any type of surface.  
  • Let’s speak out about its temperature what is the praiseworthy point of it. It can be ideally fine when the exterior is up to 1400°F. This temperature won’t melt or chip the paint anyway.  
  • Besides those aspects, the formula that this model utilizes is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant from building up on the grill surface. So, you may expect it to expand the overall natural life of the BBQ smoker.            
User’s say

It is a great and amazing painting that incorporates the highest temperature. I love it for versatile use. I purchased it for my grills, but next time I used the rest paint for my gas stove, which I am still using. 

Buying Guide: Best Paint For BBQ Smoker

Below have some common facts that indicate the best paint for BBQ grills. Hopefully, they also help you know what good paint for a BBQ grill is.

Temperature range

When you are shopping for the high temp paint for the smoker, the very significant thing you have to look at is the temperature range. The paint has to survive a civilized range of heat. 

Most of the high-temperature paint should be more than 1200°F. It is also suggested to use the paint on the exterior of the smokers. Using the BBQ smoker paint interior isn’t protective as they can get in touch with BBQ. 

Drying time

Finally, you should check the drying time for the paint you are going to purchase. If the paint can’t dry faster, you need to wait to complete your task sometimes for a long time.


The color of the barbecue paint is an important fact for most surfaces area. When you have decided the paint to pick for painting BBQ smoker, it is very crucial to match the color with the background and objects. 

Most BBQ paint colors are black, and it is the perfect color always for the grills or smokers. This color lasts for a long time as well. But there are variant colors options from where you can choose what you like to paint.


The high heat BBQ paint colors have to be durable for years. Dust-resistance paint can make the paint much more durable and maintain the newly applied effect for a longer period. It can be a plus point when the paint for smoker BBQ is corrosion-resistant. A long-lasting only can save your time and investment.


High-temperature BBQ paint can permit to apply to all types of metal. In this case, the best paint for a BBQ smoker can be able to cover the complete fireplace with a single can. High standard high heat paint is capable of painting grill, wood, metal, gas stove, radiator, and different surfaces.      

User Guide: How to spray paint

If you want to get an effective output, you should know how to apply the paint properly besides choosing the best paint. 

Some basic steps only help you to apply the paint perfectly. Below have some steps to make your task very easy.

Step-1: Cleaning the surface 

In the first step, clean the surface of the smoker and ensure there is no debris or dust in the painting areas. Better cleaning helps to get better results for a long time. To clean the surface perfectly, you can use detergent and warm water. If the smoker is for the kitchen, it must be cleaned properly. 

Step-2: Cover 

Some parts need to be covered during painting, like the handle or surrounding the area. Use old clothes or some paper and tape to cover the required spaces. This will keep clear the outlook of the surrounding area and the outlook of the instrument.

Additionally, if you plan to paint different colors, you need to cover another space where you paint other colors. Cover the inside of the instrument, and it saves the food place, which is very risky and important to keep in mind.    

But before applying the paint, you should read out the user manual properly.

Step-3: Stay away Cover

When you are applying the paint on the BBQ smoker, stay away from the equipment to save your hands and get more effectiveness. This makes you save perfectly, and you can see how you work here. 

If you apply the spray, you must maintain a distance between you and the grills or smokers. It also protects your eyes from paint. So, you should maintain at least 7/8-inches distances to paint for BBQ smoker.

Step-4: Check & recheck 

If the painting is done, it is time to check the whole area that the painting has been done completely or not. The paint doesn’t take much more time to dry. So, if you finish the surface with a single round, the painting appears much better.

Step-5: Leave for dry 

Since most high-heat paint for smokers dries faster, you should leave the painted area to dry fully. It will make your painting more long-lasting. Additionally, the spray paint takes at least 1-hour, and the enamel paint takes less time to dry.

Those steps are so common that you can apply the spray or enamel paint for BBQ smokers. Just follow the steps carefully and get perfect output.      

People Ask: Best Smoker Paint

Is painting recommended to apply on the newly smoker for extra protection?

A: You can apply the paint on your new smoker for extra protection though it isn’t necessary. Use the selected paint only outside the surface of the grill. 

What are the good temperatures of the best paint for BBQ Grill grates?

Most high-temperature paint arrives with a heat resistance of more the 1200°-1300°F. If the smokers cross the temperature, it can be risky for the surface. 

Are there any color variants available for the paint?

Only the Rust-Oleum 7778830 model arrives in five different colors. And we have already included this model in our shortlist. 

What is enamel paint?

A: Enamel paint arrives with a glossy look, making the older surface look better. The surface of enamel paint is so simple to wipe. This paint is preferred if you would like faster paint that will dry within a shorter duration.


Some facts make different every paint from one another. You have to check all features to find the best one. The detailed comparison was to help you make the final decision easily. 

If you prefer any particular type of finish, you can choose the proffered one. A long-lasting best paint for a BBQ pit can provide better performance.

This buying post has tried its best to help you pick the best paint for BBQ smokers easily and more effectively. And we also consider the Rust-Oleum 7778830 BBQ paint as the winner in our list for its significant features and variable colors options.

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