Dremel 3000 vs 4000 – Consider 6 Things To Choose Right Model

When it’s about getting a rotary tool, Dremel 3000 and 4000 models are found in everyone’s shortlist. Spec-wise, these two most popular models come with a number of differences. While carving, sanding, and polishing using these tools side by side, you will also notice the differences.

Obviously, the 4000 model improves the areas where 3000 lacks. But, Dremel 3000 isn’t a bad choice either. In fact, the difference while using both these tools, aren’t that much. 

However, when comparing Dremel 3000 vs 4000, we have found a couple of differences that can act as deciding factors for skilled woodworkers and hobbyists. 

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 main

Dremel 3000 Overview

Equipped with a 1.2 amp motor, this Dremel rotary tool delivers all the power you would need for sanding, sharpening, carving, cutting, grinding, cleaning, and polishing projects. With its 6 variable speeds, you can adjust the speed from 5,000-35,000 RPM to work with the right speed for precision artworks.

Compared to any cheaper rotary tool, this one prevents heat building much better. Also, the operation is quiet, which is something great if you work in a place where a little noise sounds like a serious matter.

The tool comes with 28 tools and accessories, which you can use for versatile projects. Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, this kit will surely improve your projects quality without taking too long to finish. Also, you will get 2 attachments to use it for your project right out of the box.


  • Powerful motor for handling versatile projects
  • 6 variable speeds for precision artworks 
  • Does crafting pretty fast
  • Ergonomic and slim form factor
  • Doesn’t get too hot
  • Lightweight, easy to work for prolonged period


  • The overall construction is weak
  • Speed control isn’t that convenient like the 4000 model
  • The lock button for changing bits wears out quickly
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Dremel 4000 Overview

With a 1.6 amp motor, this rotary tool can tackle heavy-duty projects efficiently. This one also features variable speeds. But you are not only limited to only 6 speeds. Choose as per your project precision requires. Also, choosing the right speed is much more convenient and easier with its wheel.

For its bulky form factor, the tool feels a bit heavier on hand. However, its ergonomic design won’t make your hand feel uncomfortable while working for a long time using it.

When it comes to ventilation and heat prevention, the tool outperforms its competitors. Even higher-end rotary tools can compete head to head with this one.

The tool features a separate on/off switch to prevent accidental activation of the shaft lock button. If you are a beginner, this feature will highly reduce accidental uses.

You will get 6 attachments to use the tool for whatever project you want to deal with. The manufacturer also includes 50 accessories and tools to enhance its versatility, and add great value to this deal.


  • High performing motor handles heavy-duty projects well
  • Super convenient variable speed control with dial
  • On/off switch for safe handling
  • Ergonomic design and robust construction
  • Comes with 6 attachments for versatile projects


  • Overheats while using it for prolonged period
  • Cheap enclosure
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Dremel 3000 vs 4000 Comparison

From the Dremel 3000 vs 4000 review, hope you get the basic things about both these tools. In this section, I will only discuss their differences so that you can figure out which tool is more appropriate for your type of project.


The first thing you will experience using both tools is their performance. The 3000 model comes with a 1.2 amp motor, whereas the bigger brother 4000 model comes with a 1.6 amp motor. As what’s on the paper, working with these tools, Dremel 4000 seems to deliver more power, and finish projects faster than the 3000.

But, if you are a beginner, and you will only use a basic rotary tool, the difference isn’t something you should be concerned with. Such a little difference won’t make too much impact on your projects.

Variable Speeds

When you compare Dremel 3000 vs Dremel 4000, the variable speed factor draws a big line between them. Using the at least, meaning the 4000 model, you can change speed using a variable speed dial, which is something the 3000 model doesn’t have.

Also, in terms of delivering a consistent speed under different load conditions, the upgraded model seems to perform better. However, you can still change speed as there are 6 speed settings to choose from in 3000. 

That being said, when precision is something you must ensure, Dremel 4000 is the option to consider buying. For regular rotary works, Dremel 3000 will be enough for most projects.

Electronic Control

When it comes to using convenience, Dremel 4000 stands quite solidly against its competitor. You will get electronic feedback from the tool when the bit is pressed a bit harder against the material.

Separate Power Switch

One of the design flows on version 3000 is that there’s only one toggle switch for both ON/OFF and changing speed. Also, you can accidentally press the spindle lock button while working on a project.

The newer version got a separate ON/OFF switch. And you cannot press the lock button when the switch is turned on.

Hands on Feel

For a relatively smaller form factor, the 3000 model seems easy to control. It’s much lighter in weight as well. However, the 4000 version is a bit bulky, but the overall ergonomics is much better than Dremel 3000.

If your wrist is a bit sensitive, and you want a better control over the tool, Dremel 4000 is the option for you to go with. For compact and lightweight form factor, Dremel 3000 is the clear winner.

Lock Mechanism

This is the biggest, yet overlooked difference in terms of mechanism between Dremel 4000 vs 3000. The lock button is also used for changing bits on both the tools. However, model 3000 got a much smaller locking pin from the inside, which wears a bit faster than what’s inside the Dremel 4000 model.

This can be a huge concern for people who constantly change between bits for their versatile working requirements. If so, be sure to go with the 4000 model.

Final Words

To conclude, both these tools are great options for the fields they are best suited for. For working on wood and other soft materials, the 3000 model seems to provide much better value for users.

When it comes to cutting metal, and working for a prolonged period, be sure to pick the 4000 model for great efficiency. Hope this article cleared all confusion you had regarding Dremel 3000 vs 4000, and now you can pick the right tool depending on your projects’ requirements.

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