How to Get a Spare Tire Down without the Tool? 6 Effective steps you should follow

Car drivers know how frustrating it is when they don’t find the spare tire key to change the damaged or exploded tire. In this case, knowing how to get a spare tire down without the tool will be handy for sure.

The process is a little bit troublesome if you don’t know how to do it. However, you can easily do it as you will require an ignition key and a jack kit. Also, you need to make sure that you follow the process meticulously because anything wrong can lead to accidental damage.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the process and some crucial information about the spare tire.

How to Get a Spare Tire Down without the Tool

What is a Spare Tire?

From the name, it is understandable that; a spare tire is used during emergencies. In simple words, spare tires help you to get out of trouble when driving. However, this is not a permanent solution. The spare tire will be installed in your vehicle until you get a new tire.

One essential thing is, regular tires are larger than spare tires. So, a noticeable difference will be there in the driving performance.

What to Consider Before Lowering the Spare Tire Without Tool?

Well, before you start lowering the spare tire, there are a few fundamentals that need to be done. Follow the below.

Ensure Your Vehicle Have a Spare Tire

Before continuing to read this guideline, you need to make sure that your vehicle has a spare tire. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to verify whether there is a spare tire available in their car or not and look for the extra tire.

So, how will you verify a spare tire? A rectangular plastic cover is available under the passenger side of your vehicle’s license plate; locate it and then discard it. If you find an entrance for a key beneath the plastic cover, ensure that a spare tire is available in your vehicle.

Gather Tire Removal Tool

Just because you are lowering your spare tires “without tools” doesn’t mean you will do it empty-handed. In fact, doing so will be counterproductive. Still, you will need the assistance of some tools.

In this case, you will require 2 kits to complete the process efficiently. Visit your local hardware store and buy a jack kit; remember to buy without the jack.

The other tool is an ignition key. It will allow you to loosen the connection of the tire to the wheel.

Park Your Car on a Stable Surface

You must not change your car tires on a slope, and the same advice applies when you get a spare tire down without the tool. The parked cars on the incline are more likely to lag behind. As a result, the safety of the person under the car is at risk.

So, once you park your car on a flat surface, a hand brake needs to be applied. Then, turn the emergency light on if you are working on the roadside. Ensure that no living creature is available in your car. Grab a heavy object and put it behind the wheels.

Now, we will look into the process.

How to Get a Spare Tire Down Without the Tool – Step by Step Process

Follow the step-by-step guide carefully. The success of the process relies a lot on your concentration level.

Required Items:

  • Jack Kit
  • Ignition Key

Step 01: Slide Under the Bumper

Get to your knees and look under the car to identify the spare tire’s exact location. Concentrate your focus on the back of the car. Then, you will find that a bulge is coming out at the bottom. That is the extra tire you will be lowering.

The spare tire is positioned below the bumper and behind the tow hitch bar. Moreover, the tire trenches will let you know that this is exactly what you are looking for.

Step 02: Insert the Ignition Key

There is a hole under the plastic cover that you discarded earlier. Grab the ignition key and insert it into the hole. You need to fix the assembly at the rear of your car by detaching the key from the hole. For this, the key needs to be dragged towards you.

Step 03: Take Assistance of the Jack Kit

Get the crowbar and a couple of rods. Out of the several rods, a rod comes with a wider end. It is known as the “female” end. Now you require to insert this end into the hole you just revealed in step # 02 using the ignition key.  

Step 04: Attach the Male End to the Female Rod

Once you finish step # 3, you will be benefited in 2 ways. You will get additional space to attach the pulley male end to the female rod. Also, while removing the bumper, enough space is necessary; you will get it too.

Ensure that the 2nd rod is perfectly fitted to the female rod end. Then place this end through the hole.

Step 05: Connect the Crowbar to the Other End

Now, one end of the rod is already connected to the hole. The other end requires to be connected to the crowbar.

Next, turn the crowbar following an anti-clockwise direction. Thus, you will be able to swivel the pulley and, by extension, the spare tire to the ground. Continue rotating until the spare tire is grounded.

Step 06: Detach the Rim from the Pulley Carrier

While detaching, hold the tire with one hand and use another hand on the rim’s middle gap. In order to separate both ends and pull from the peak, apply your full force.

When Should I Change My Vehicle Tire – 5 Signs

Many of us don’t pay enough attention to the vehicle tire’s maintenance. For this, the car tire gets damaged when we are on the road, and you end up with a troublesome lowering spare tire task.

To avoid this situation, you should change the vehicle tire when you find the below signs.

Bald Tires

Tires are prone to bald over time. How will you understand that your car tires are balding? Well, inspect the threads. Balding tires mean the thread is either little or unavailable in your car tires.

However, there are many other reasons behind the wear and tear of tires. For instance, if your car tire has less air in it, it will receive more pressure than its maximum pressure level. Thus, baldness in the tire will start appearing.

Bald tires are hazardous to drive as controlling is of utmost difficulty.

Shaking Car When Driving

Is your car shaking constantly? If the answer is yes, be noted, there is a problem with your car tires interior construction.

Your car tires are probably facing a lot of pressure that they are unable to handle. As a result, the tires are damaging as you drive and shake.


All vehicles are not designed to drive in the snow. However, you can drive a car on snowy roads for a while.

When you do so, vehicle tires handle much pressure, which leads them to wear and tear. Regular tires are not a good performer on snowy roads. After driving on snow, you will not get the smooth feeling when driving.

Bulges on the Wheel

If you ever find bulges or bubbles in the sidewalls of your vehicle tire, be sure that it is time to change it.

In this case, get your tire car inspected in the nearest automotive shop. Car tires can blow out due to bubbles or bulges if you don’t follow maintenance procedures on time. So, you mustn’t waste time on the inspection and replacement of the car tire.

Poor Traction

Over time, tire grooves lose their original shape. It reduces your car performance on the wet road since wicking the water away from the threads is not possible by the tires.

Replace your car tire when you see the poor performance of your car tire on a wet road.


How Long Can I Drive with an extra tire?

Spare tires are available in 3 different types: run-flat, donut and full-size. The lifespan of these spare tires relies on their use. If you are looking for a lightweight tire, go with a donut spare tire.

However, it is a temporary fix. It can’t be used for several miles and doesn’t provide the same performance as a regular tire. While run-flat tires can go a maximum of 50 miles and are a much more reliable option than other spare tire types.

Where is the spare tire key located?

You will find your vehicle’s spare tire key right behind the driver’s seat or under it. In some vehicles, it is available in the glove box as well. If you don’t find it in any of the places, contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Final Thought

Now you know how to get a spare tire down without the tool efficiently. The process requires effort and time to complete successfully.

If you lost your spare key, don’t hesitate to contact your dealer. They will help you by sharing a new key. Also, if you ever find poor performance from your vehicle tire, replace it immediately.

“Safety first” – you should ensure it meticulously.

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