Learn How to Use a Power Hand Planer On Wide Boards with Best 7 Steps

Are you experiencing complications with the use of Power Hand Planer? In large woods, you will suffer from various complications when you use a Power Hand Planer.

You may have more of this problem when using it for the first time, or you are not very experienced with it.

So, before using Power Hand Planer, you must have a clear idea about how to use a power hand planer on wide boards. You also need to know more about what to look for when using a Power Hand Planer. If you get a clear idea of ​​everything, you don’t have to worry about using it anymore.


How Do You Use a Power Hand Planer on Wide Boards?

An electric power hand planer may be more suitable for you than using other devices. It can help you save time and reduce the hassle of your work. It works great for smoothing out the edges of any wood and leveling the wood. If you can’t run it with too much experience, take note of the steps.

Step 1: Place the large wooden slab on a flat surface

Large wooden slabs are so heavy that you can’t handle them properly. You need to set them up so that you do not get in trouble while working.

So place large pieces of wood on a flat surface to work perfectly and get the job done properly. Since it is a very large piece of wood, it has to be carefully straightened with the help of various methods.

Step 2: Shave Off the high places on the wood

You will need a lumber crayon for this. It will help you to mark the wood up and down in different places. Now observe the wood that you have placed on the plane. If you see high areas on all the wood and not even, mark those areas with a lumber crayon.

Now you will need a power hand planer. It will help you to shave the high places evenly. When you do this, you will be sure that you are cutting it along the wood grain.

Doing this will not damage your wood in any way. Now check how successful your work has been with a straightedge.

Step 3: Ensure perfect leveling of the wood

If the wood is not perfectly even, you will fail to create a perfect impression on it. Observe the condition of the wood elevations you have tried to level. Check it with two sticks to see if it is flat. Place the sticks straight on either end of the two sticks.

In this case, the sticks must be of equal size. If the sticks do not sit upright, mark those parts. Now lightly shave the marked parts again and keep on leveling.

Step 4: Flattening the board again

When the board is much wider and uneven than the jointer, you need to flatten it again. It will make your work done more perfectly.

Step 5: Now, take the help of a manual hand planer

Any strip without cutting tends to be a little different than all other wood. That’s why you need a manual hand planer for the uncut strip. In addition to the manual hand planer, you also need to use the power hand planer because it works a lot better.

Step 6: Cut the wide boards into pieces

Divide the boards into smaller sizes as you need after leveling them with a power hand planer. Now check the boards to see if their edges are straight.

If the edges aren’t right, you’ll be able to pair the improvement with one. So observe the edges properly and make them suitable for pairing.

Step 7: Use glue to assemble the wood parts.

After cutting the boards into different shapes, your job will be to smooth the edges. Use sandpaper to smooth it. It will give your woods a smooth and attractive look and help to put them together.

Now you can use glue to attach two separate pieces. You will have to wait for the adhesive to stick firmly after use. As a result, the boards will be tightly connected.

How to Get Better Result When Using a Power Hand Planer on Wide Boards?

If you want to get a good result and get the wood smoothing properly, you have to follow the right procedure

Make sure you feel comfortable.

After installing the huge board that you will be working with, you need to see if it obstructs your way in any way.

You will not be able to do well if your work is interrupted while you are working. Do not sit on the board in a way that will damage your work. Set it up with enough space.

Stable hand motion

Try to keep your hand in balance from beginning to end as long as you work with Power Hand Planer. If your hand movements are correct, then your wood will be in the right position.

You have to be very sensitive when you see that the piece will become flat with a little work on the wood.

Be careful not to place the blade anywhere

When you work with a Power Hand Planer, please don’t leave it where it is. Many people go the blade on the wood to take a little rest.

It would help if you refrained from doing this. It can damage some parts of your wood. You have to choose the right place for it so that you can work there.

Refrain from overreaching

Prevent the blade of your instrument from moving to the other side of the board. If you don’t stop it, your wood will lose its attractive shape. So you must be careful about overreaching all the time.

Determine the correct speed of the planer

Everyone uses a Power Hand Planer to determine the flatness of the wood. You must be careful while using it. If you give more speed to the Power Hand Planer, then the wood gets cut more.

Again if you do smoothing at low speed, you may be wasting more time to level the high wooden places. So you have to do the job at a speed that solves all these problems and can make a smooth wood.

Work slowly to get the perfect result.

The board needs to be very slow when it is placed in the right place. If you rush too much while doing this, you may end up hurting yourself, or the board may be damaged. So be careful while working.

Do I Need to follow any Safety Precautions?

If you do not know the proper use of a Power Hand planer, it can bring many dangers for you. So to run it, you must be careful about its various aspects. For this, you need to know some more important things about how to use a power hand planer on wide boards.

  • Using a Power Hand planer, you have to be very careful when you flatten the high and low places of the wood. During this time, many powders are made from wood. These wood impurities fly in the air like dust. If you are not careful, wood impurities can fall into your eyes and damage your eyes. So use an AI protector to protect the eyes.
  • Boards often contain chemicals that can damage your breath if you go with them. Also, the dirt of the board can get into your nose and harm your health. You must use a mask to avoid these problems.
  • Many times when you work with a Power Hand planer, you can be in danger of electrocution. That’s why whenever you change the blade of the Power Hand planer, you have to separate it from the power connection.
  • You need to set a specific place to work at your convenience. Do the work where you can move at your convenience.
  • Never work using one hand. Many times you may use one hand while working with a Power Hand planer. It can be dangerous for you. So you must use a Power Hand planer with the help of both hands.
  • When you turn off the Power Hand planer, do not leave it in that position if you still see its blade spinning. You could wait for it to close completely.

Final Verdict

The power hand planer works perfectly to give you the gift of a smooth and attractive object while saving your precious time. It can easily make your difficult and time-consuming tasks easier.

Although it is very easy to use, it will be very dangerous for you if you are not careful while using it. Therefore, before using a power hand planer, you have to follow the entire guideline about how to use a power hand planer on wide boards. However, a power hand planer is not only useful for smoothing large wood, but it also works equally well for any other wood.

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