How to Clean Resin Cups in 3 Effective Ways


Cleaning resin cups is one of the trickiest jobs because of its stickiness characteristics. If the resin is not treated correctly, it can leave stains on different surfaces. However, there are a few practical ways that will help you clean resin cups. For cleaning resin cups, you need to allow enough time to let the … Read more

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 – Consider 6 Things To Choose Right Model

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 feature

When it’s about getting a rotary tool, Dremel 3000 and 4000 models are found in everyone’s shortlist. Spec-wise, these two most popular models come with a number of differences. While carving, sanding, and polishing using these tools side by side, you will also notice the differences. Obviously, the 4000 model improves the areas where 3000 … Read more

How to Adjust Unloader Valve on Pressure Washer

How to Adjust Unloader Valve on Pressure Washer ft

The unloader in any pressure washer controls high water pressure, which is the reason why it sometimes needs adjustment. If the unloader is left unadjusted, the machine won’t be able to apply the desired pressure for any specific application.  As this adjustment has to be done from time to time, you must know how to … Read more

How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater – 6 best steps to start operating

how to start a stihl weed eater ft

Stihl has a reputation for manufacturing power tools like chainsaws, weed trimmers, and other heavy-duty machinery. They engineered dozens of weed eater models, ranging from light-duty residential options to heavy-duty professional-grade models. We crafted this article on “how to start a Stihl weed eater” properly. Since Stihl manufactured several weed eater models, one question might … Read more

Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails – 4 effective Steps to Troubleshoot the Problem

why nail gun not shooting nails

A nail gun is an essential tool in the woodworking or constructing sector. This tool is simple, reliable, and engineered to drive thousands of nails per day for years. If it stops working, the user becomes frustrated. Sometimes, nail gun not shooting nails after pulling the trigger. There are several ways to troubleshoot this problem. … Read more