Top 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence 2022 – Buying Guide

Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence

Is your house fence looking very faded and dirt? If you don’t think to change it as it is still strong enough to cover surrounding your house spaces, painting is the best idea. 

Yes, painting the fence must help it preserve and protect from the sun and dirt. It will save the fence from rough weather conditions and improve your house’s overall appeal.

But all of those functions are mostly depend on the best airless paint sprayer for the fence. 

Luckily today, we are here with the top listed paint sprayer in the recent market after good research by our experts.   

If you are more curious or in a hurry, check our below shortlist of the best Airless Paint Sprayer For fences.

  • Editor’s Choice: Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Best Overall: Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank paint sprayer
  • Best High-end: Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld paint sprayer 
  • Budget-friendly: Titan ControlMax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless paint sprayer
  • Best value: Himalaya Airless Paint sprayer

Guides: 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence

There are different airless paint sprayers for fences in the current market. But below, we have listed the top 5-best products for you to easily choose the best one from this shortlist. 

1. Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

 best seller stain sprayer for fences

Highlighted Features

  • Won Amazon’s choice award
  • Faster cleaning with the hose
  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable
  • Electric airless paint sprayer
  • Paint directly from the bucket


Our first choice is Amazon’s choice as the best seller stain sprayer for fences in the market. Yes, it is the Graco Magun X7 cart airless paint sprayer. We choose it first for its features and amazing adjustability.

There are a lot of reasons which make it the best one.

If you are a professional contractor and need to handle many painting projects regularly, this airless paint sprayer is more valuable for consideration. With its great working capacity and wider coverage ability, this product is considered the best in the market.

This sprayer for staining a wooden fence applies paint straight from the paint bucket. It helps you spray more than one-gallon paint in a single minute and complete the project faster. It performs more effectively and fruitfully than another sprayer in the market.

Thanks to its 25ft durable paint hose with RAC IV 515 switch, perfect for handling a smooth and finishing project with no difficulties.          


  • Results are very well
  • Application very faster
  • Strong January
  • Ideal for larger projects
  • Great control for spray pattern


  • Make pretty noise during operating 

Why should you buy this?

Many reasons make it unique from others in the market. This spray painter is very simple to assemble and disassemble for operating and cleaning. The cup is severity fed that, aids in washing and reducing it within a minute. 

When you have your painting task, you can clean your spray gun within a very short time. Overall, this electric gun paint sprayer gains the first position as the best paint sprayer for staining a fence on our list.   

2. Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank paint sprayer

best professional airless paint sprayer

Highlighted Features

  • High effective electric paint sprayer
  • Perfect for different projects
  • Efficiency Airless technology
  • Ideal for home and outdoor projects
  • Origin in the USA


Our second pick is from Wagner control pro 130 power tank paint sprayer which is very budget-friendly. You can check this model and its price on Amazon. 

It is not only fantastic for its standard features but also for an affordable option. If you want to start your project without breaking your bank, buy this one!

It is a higher effective airless with lower overspray paint sprayer version of the Wagner spray tech series. It focuses more on spraying paint, varnish, and other finishes projects.        


  • It is suitable for painting hoses, garages, decks, interiors, walls, and fences.
  • Three different paint spray patterns
  • Ingredients flow and finish adjustment trigger
  • Super effective and easy to clean 


  • A small paint cup is ideal for small to medium projects

Why should you buy this?

We love to suggest it because it offers three different spray patterns, making it simpler to manage flow control. It is amazingly light in weight that helps you make it easy to maneuver.

Remind if you are applying paint with the spray gun, it’ll be required to be thinned out, and you have to read the manual to ensure you are going to use the gun perfectly.   

3. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld paint sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld paint sprayer

Highlighted Features

  • Electric airless paint sprayer
  • Paint directly from the bucket
  • Very easy to unclog
  • Faster cleaning with the hose
  • Get to hard-to-reach spaces


The next best electric paint sprayer for the fence on our list is something better for the commercial and professional excited painter. They have to handle a ton of projects and need the sprayer, which is the top-ranking model in the current market.

It is the best airless paint sprayer for a fence with everything that any professional contractors always speak. It arrives with a stainless steel piston pump, which will allow you to paint on the thicker and wider areas without facing any issues. 


  • Better pressure control
  • RAC IV reverse switch
  • Power Flush structure
  • Spray from paint bucket straightly
  • 1-year warranty


  • There has a chance of overspray than the lower pressure models.

Why should you buy this?

Best of all, again is the perfect speed that you may clean this sprayer after applying due to the power flush methods, which links to a hose for faster and easier cleaning.

We also love its unique features with nice adjustable pressure. That is why it lets you keep the ultimate controlling power of the print flow. 

4. Titan ControlMax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless paint sprayer

sprayer for staining a fence

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for larger projects like home and more
  • Highly effective airless technology
  • Powerful and durable pump
  • Reduce the overspray
  • 2-years warranty


The fourth best fence sprayer is for serious DIYers and professional handymen. You will love it if you want to make your staining or painting task easier, and coating the fence 3x faster than a paint brush or roller, is ideal. It is suitable for painting large projects like home interior or exterior, fences around the garden, decks, and garages. 

Better yet, a suction tube helps you suck up the wood paint directly from the bucket instead of refilling the small container again and again. The 30ft durable hose lets you reach where you need to spray the paint easily.


  • 450 wattage electric airless paint sprayer
  • Large 39-ounce ability container
  • Brass nozzle instead on the plastic one 
  • Result in a very nice finishing
  • Variable different pump speed system 


  • Only good for medium projects 

Why should you buy this?

We love this sprayer for its nice finishing. The precision brass paint sprayer tips with nozzles offer a superior result that keeps the plastic complement to shame. This one will be essential for painting the outdoor fence.

We love the materials with a flow controlling system knob that allows you to tweak or customize the best output you need to fit.

5. Himalaya Airless Paint sprayer

Himalaya Airless Paint sprayer

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for a professional painting contractor
  • Hose more than 25 feet long
  • Compact design with built-in carry handle
  • Easy to move even in narrow areas
  • Great performance and cost-effective 


And the last best paint sprayer for fence stain on our top and shortlist is the Himalaya Airless paint sprayer by Tomic. It is the last one but not less important or can’t compromise its quality with the above one. It is the best power painting option for a professional paint contractor, prosumer, or DIY handyman.  

The overall system is very easy to clean to handle many projects. Thanks to the power flush adapter, you can get in touch with the hose for swift cleaning. We also like it for flexible, lightweight, and portable design for simply carrying it around the garden.   


  • Multi-purposes and high flow rate
  • Lightweight and long hose 
  • Very convenient and easy to clean
  • Flexible and portable
  • Ideal for covering large area easily


  • Only one nozzle delivers

Why should you buy this?

This paint sprayer system is very easy to clean and handle for the painting operating system. 

Thanks for the power flush adapter that lets you quickly connect the sprayer to the hose with a simple cleaning. We also love how it is lightweight and portable; the machine is very handy for moving around the fence.  

Buying Guide

best airless paint sprayer for the fence

As you gave your word in the introduction of this post, here is our buying guide. It would be best to consider some facts before making your mind to pick the best airless paint sprayer for the fence.

Types of Sprayer

Three types of paint sprayers are available in the market. 

  • Pneumatic airless sprayer: This sprayer uses compact air to drive paint to the surface, making a smooth and nice finish.
  • Electric air sprayer: this paint sprayer performs by pumping out the paint at a higher force fanning out dewdrops to cover the fence surface.
  • HVLP airless sprayer: This sprayer stands for higher volume with lower pressure. Like pneumatic airless prayer, they use a compressor to deliver the air. But as the suggestions, it needs low pressure to perform with a high air volume.

All types of airless sprayers for fences have more advantages and some drawbacks. We tried to add some of the most wanted sprayer types in our shortest list of top picks. 

Pressure & Flow rate

The electric airless sprayer is made as a strong paint flow to gain a nice finish surface. A strong mark gun will enhance the paint’s coat, producing material protection. The coat stream speed is the mark sprayer’s pressure. With sturdy engines, a force made can be strong and sufficient. 


best fence paint sprayer

If you completely decide to paint on a large space like a big garden fence, you should use airless fence paint sprayers. It helps you to use a large stain container.

It’ll remove you from having continuous stops when you refill the spray tank. We suggest seeking a paint sprayer with a 1-liter paint capacity. 


The nozzle that you use while you stain the fence is paramount, considering the quality of the sprayer paint task. So, you have to select a paint sprayer with metal instead of plastic ones as the metal is more long-lasting.

You have to think about the size of the bottle nozzle as this will decide how much sprayer paint can cover at a time. And for the big project, we would like to suggest a nozzle with a large wide spray pattern, which will help you handle the task faster. 

Spray pattern

paint sprayer for fence

A paint sprayer for stain is a valuable consideration if it has several patterns. For different projects for a larger area like walls, wood fences, and any horizontal patterns that will assist you in completing the task quickly. 

You have to seek another product if the discolor gun includes a rounded pattern. It wouldn’t be a large project at first sight, but you should spend a lot of time with effort. 

Paint cups

The airless spray paint cup volume varies, ranging from some quarts to some gallons. Cup size isn’t very vital, and you can select it depending on the purpose of the project’s area. 

Normally, the handheld stain paint sprayer has a small container to remove weight. If you need to use the paint for large projects, you have to refill them many times. On the other hand, the fence stain airless sprayer with a big container will be weighty, and the outworking prefers to utilize it for any commercial projects. 

Hose Length

Next, check the hose length to help you make the perfect solution to the issue. However, if the staining fence paint sprayer has a large adequate hose, it may do that. Therefore, some products with lengthen tubes more extensive than 10-feet have to be the main choice.

Additional Features

The latest best airless paint sprayer for fences is developed and integrated with extra features like a battery charger, several nozzles, and wheels. 

Those aspects need to stain walls faster. Of course, if the paint is the latest and includes all standard features, you need to count some more penny than past models.

Easy to clean

You must look for the best paint sprayer for a fence that is very easy to clean. Some spray paint we have already shown you above made more than detachable parts, and it can help make the device easy to clean. 

Customer reviews with rating

When shopping for the best airless paint sprayer for a fence online, you have the benefits of checking out how the customers have reviewed and rated the products. If there is nothing wrong with customer reviews, we suggest pretty caution. It is why paint sprayers, as with many DIY tools, don’t have a reputation. People will get any fault with the best tools.


When some product arrives with a warranty, it signifies quality products. It is a sign that manufacturers are concerned about how well their tools work for their clients. If you go the best spray paint, check the warranty facility.    

How do you paint a fence with a sprayer?

How do you paint a fence with a sprayer

Applying an airless paint sprayer for the fence will let you finish your projects more than 10x faster than using a paint roller or brushes. But you first know how to paint a fence with a sprayer properly. Below we will discuss it with some caution. 

Tools and equipment need:

  • Airless paint sprayer
  • Paint
  • Spray pattern: wider pattern for larger projects and a narrow one for smaller surfaces.
  • Empty bucket (2) for priming and cleaning
  • Stir sticks
  • Paint strainer bag that removes tip plugs and delivers a better finish
  • Traps, drop cloth, and plastic sheeting
  • Masking tape
  • Paintbrush for touch up
  • Magnum tip for hard-to-reach spaces which need a ladder
  • Extra airless hose 
  • Spray shield
  • TSL fluid
  • Cleaning rags
  • Stiff brushes for cleaning
  • Safety and protective equipment like goggles, dust mask, spray sock, and hat

Prepare the Fence

  1. Shift if there is any outdoor furniture from the area to be sprayed. If any items are hanging on the fence, remove them like plant hangers because you will need a lot of area for your painting tools and equipment.
  2. Cover up all shrubs, bushes, or plants near the surfaces. You need to save them with a plastic trap to avoid overspray. Speak with your neighbors if they have any access around your fence to remove and save their items.
  3. When you are preparing for painting or repainting rough or flaking spaces and sand alongside the grain of the wood fence, when painting and staining the fence, wash it thoroughly with a pressure cleaning solution. Leave the fence surface so that it can dry fully.

Tips: While painting on a wood fence, first ensure to replace any rotting ingredients and let adequate time for the wood fence to dry after pressure cleaning to eliminate extra rotting.

Process of paint

  1. Choose the spray tips that will suit the paint, and the surface will be sprayed properly. In some cases, a magnum tip may narrow 8-inch wide and a 0.13-hole size that will give you the best control. Make sure the hole size of the tips doesn’t contain an excess of the maximum capability of the sprayer.
  2. If you need to spray the paint from different containers, mix it all in any empty gallon to ensure consistent color, even if the smaller color differences exist between certain paint bottles. While spraying lighter ingredients like a stain, choose the lowest pressure setting to maintain a great spray pattern. A low-pressure setting system will offer better control and a fine finish.
  3. While spraying a wood fence paint, spray with each board lengthways, tracking the small pieces of the wood.  

Clean up

  1. Let important time for the paint to fry and then eliminate all coating from brushes and plants on every side of the fence. 
  2. Return the furniture and other items to the proper place, keep in remember to move the neighbor’s items to the just-right position as well.
  3. Replace the lighting fixtures you prevented and move furniture and other items back into place.
  4. Clean the airless paint sprayer after every use. Follow the right direction in the user’s manual for Power Flush cleaning with water-based ingredients or use the bucket cleaning process if usable.

Safety notice:

  • When you are painting, take care about spray ingredients, take the right safety precautions, keep alert, and be of specific problems.
  • Wear safety gear like hand gloves, sunglasses, spray socks, footwear, and a dust mask.
  • Ensure there is sufficient ventilation.
  • If you are painting in the surrounding area of the appliance, turn them off.
  • Always follow the particular painting instruction and safety procedures for the spray paint you will use.   

How do I stop my fence from over-spraying?

Overspray is known as small droplets of paint that don’t make the surface finish. The overspray diffuses in the air and away from the request site during any paint spray application. Once flying, it can glide for yards. While wet, overspray can stick to something in its pathway. After it attaches, it will be very tough and expensive to remove. Below, we will speak to you about how to stop overspray ruin fully.

If you are applying an airless, it can be amazing how you can cut down on overspray. It helps you to save on full coating costs in the paint or spray with as little hanging in the air as much as possible. Here are some different ways to reduce the overspray by using an airless paint sprayer.

  1. Use the lower pressure as much as possible to gain the perfect finish.
  2. Choose the right airless paint sprayer tip for the right product for painting.
  3. Think for alternative or supplemental application ingredients
  4. Learn the right spray technique. 

Customer Common Reviews

The users appreciate the most advantages of the best airless paint sprayer for the fence. This product will help users find a nice finish on repainting projects faster, effectively, and conveniently. Overall, this type of spray painter is very helpful for larger projects with faster finishing speed. Which product will be better? It mainly depends on your requirements.    


#1. Are paint sprayers any good for a fence?

Paint sprayer is really good for the fence, especially for the wood fences and larger area. Just refill the lid and add paint faster; it will save your time and money. An electric paint sprayer can perform very well on many surfaces like furniture, wood items, metal things, floors, walls, fences, and even ceilings. 

#2. Can you use a paint sprayer on the wood fence?

Yes, an airless paint sprayer is very useful for wood fences. It will give a completely new look and impress your neighbour at first very easily. The sprayer painter is very easy to handle. 

#3. What is the fastest way to paint a fence?

When you fix your mind to paint the fence or your garden furniture with your hand, make sure that you are following the right direction of the wood grain as it lets you coat a big surface very quickly and get a smooth finish. The fastest solution is to use a paint spray gun.

#4. Is it better to brush or spray a fence?

Using an airless paint sprayer for your fence for painting a wood fence will let you finish the larger projects more than 10X faster than paint brushes and rollers.   

#5. How long does it take to spray paint a fence?

Spray a fence in less than five minutes with our precision finish fence sprayer. The two spray size setting allows you to exactly spray your fence, coating the big areas and hard-to-reach places as well.    

#6. Can you use stains in an airless sprayer?

An airless paint sprayer performs by pumping spray paint at a higher pressure of more than 3,000 psi using a hose and out a tiny hole into the sprayer gun tip. Using different tips, you can paint thin spray liquids such as stain, lacquer, and varnish liquids as latex house paint.  

#7. Can you use Cuprinol fence paint in a sprayer?

The Cuprinol paint spray or brush will be used with any sprayable fence paint. When using the paint sprayer to paint narrow strips of wood or other surfaces that may have holes, there is a risk of damaging anything on the other side of the fence.  


In general, you have found all the essential information about the best airless paint sprayer for the fence. Have you selected the best one for yourself yet? We hope you have!

Among them, we recommended Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer. As mentioned, this spray paint meets all the high-quality criteria and standard performance, durability, capability with smart design.  

Keep remembering to check our buying guide before making a final decision!

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