7 Best Paint Gun Regulator for Getting Steadfast Spraying Control -2022

best paint gun regulator

A paint gun regulator is an excellent way for beginners to become experts. This tool might bring disaster for you if you choose any wrong products. 

But the problem is, there are lots of options in the market. From so many options; you can’t set up your mind to grab the one. Then what’s the solution? 

Don’t worry; thinking about your needs, we have brainstormed here the best paint gun regulator. We researched them on every hook and crook. As a result, you can get an authentic review from us. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Do I Need A Regulator for A Paint Gun?

best air regulator for hvlp spray gun

It is worth it to use any gun regulator for a paint gun. Paint gun regulators will help mitigate any pressure that sits across the airlines. It will be able to tune your gun’s spray pattern based on the types and viscosity of the material. 

On the other hand, most HVLP guns will require the lowest pressure than other gun tools. Although the regulator is expensive, they work to lessen the aggressive pressure and junctions inside the gun. The paint gun regulator is also helping to even out your trigger pressure. 

Regulator Works to Even The Pressure Flow

While you’re using any regulator inside the gun pressure, you will be able to see a tiny hole in the barrel. Its gas regulator sits and allows your pressure gun to operate the action. An adjustable paint gun allows it to run enough gas to prevent the overflow or spread of aggressive paints. 

Enhance Painting Experience

The second most crucial factor you are getting from here is a quick output. The regulator holds the pressure inside the machine. It will enhance the painting experience. For this reason, a user doesn’t need to be so experienced in this regard. You won’t need to balance the pressure gun before shooting over the wall.

Balanced Your Trigger Point

It is a common mistake for beginners; they usually fail to balance the shooting pressure. As a result, one cannot balance the trigger point of the gun. Some experts think that the regulator works as a gun-loader to adequately shoot it at the targeted point. 

Reducing Air Consumption

While your gun will produce excessive paint, which you won’t need, it will be a more significant expenditure to buy paint frequently. The regulator will lessen this and also save some cash of yours. Because this regulator will fix the spring tension of your paint gun, it will help to decrease air consumption. 

Reviews of 7 Best Paint Guns Regulators

Each best paint gun regulator in this section can handle extensive projects. Some of them have a long hose to carry from one room to another. Just check below at a glance. 

01# Best Overall: Primefit CR1401G Replacement Air Regulator

high flow air regulator

Our first pick is the prime fit CR1401G replacement air regulator from our recommendations. It is the best paint gun regulator for painting any large home or office. Because the airflow capacity is about 60 cubic kilometers per minute, again, this works great on any compressor. This air regulator keeps the pressure even as it should; again, it’s easy to open and close. 

Highlighted Features

  • Can maintain frequent air pressure 
  • Gives accurate air compressed pressure between 1-150 psi
  • One directory and commanding air flow regulator 
  • Gives maximum inlet pressure around 200 PSI-150 PSI

Features & Uses

  • Workable For Stapler / Nailed-prime high flow paint gun regulator is worth using in any stapler/nailed. This is often known as a savior for staples or nails. Most of the optimum paint gun tools have an optimum air pressure where they perform best. And it’s not enough for any of the nail guns, which come at about 90 psi. Again, some little compressor comes with 100 off at 125 psi. In this case, this little compressor will spread a variation that makes the nails drive at different depths. 
  • Efficient To Use As An OEM Replacement –The second-best feature of this paint gun is that it acts as an OEM replacement. The original replacement regulator for any 20±year-old CH-4 gallon compressors. Although the prime fit pressure gun was configured slightly differently, it was installed well.
  • Small, Light & Compact-Prime fit air compressor is very lightweight and available in a compact design. For this reason, you can attach this air compressor to any of the things you think are necessary. The handwheel knob attached with this one will give you actual pressure, which one mainly focuses on.
  • Shows Correct Air Flow-This paint air gun has an arrow on its back. By this, it will be able to show you the correct airflow direction. But this operation will not work in the reverse direction. So here, you get a single directory arrow to flow the air compressor correctly and to the point.


  • Easy to install 
  • Value for money 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • It comes with a high compact regulator knob for extra protection 
  • Gives 60-SCFm compressor at 100psi for expected performance 


  • You will find some leaks around the hose.

Why Should You Buy This?

We love this product for having the best air compressor and regulator. It will produce 60 cubic feet per minute airflow capacity. As well as, it had accurate downstream air pressure regulations between 1-150 psi. The high compact regulator knob and steel protect gauge will last for many years. This is the important thing that makes it one of the best paint gun regulators of the year.

02# Best Value for Price: LE LEMATEC Digital Air Pressure Regulator

digital air regulator for paint gun

Our second pick is LE LEMATEC digital air pressure. This is the inline air regulator for spray. The regulator works nicely and has nice-sized numbers. The gun cleaning did not interfere with the solvent and does not appear to affect it, so it’s easy to clean.

Highlighted Features – 

  • It’s an essential tool to measure accurately 
  • Have the ability to adjust desired air pressure 
  • Construction with heavy-duty materials to ensure accuracy 
  • Prevent overspray, wastage, and trigger unwanted pressure 

Feature & Uses 

  • Extended Height Adjustment – This regulator had a great feature of extending its height. It brings a great change over the regulator air pressure. It’s bulky as this regulator comes with a tall air input. This tall air input is easy to install, but hard to shoot down on a car most of the time.
  • Auto-Shut Off-The second feature you will get here is an auto-shut-off. We must say these are the things many users highlight as they save energy and money. If the air pressure regulator is used higher, the prevention energy and materials are wasted. 
  • Replaceable Battery – You can get the benefits of replacing the worst battery here. The auto shut-off feature will work to save power on batteries. So in case you forget to stop the regulator, the battery will not continue to run. The auto shut-off mechanism will enable the unit to stop on its own after 60 seconds. Another good thing about it is you don’t need to purchase the battery over time. 
  • Compatible Air Regulator Tailor-The high-end regulator is the first choice of anyone. High-quality products will contribute a lot and provide you with some extra profit. This digital compressor regulator works quite like this. It is compatible to adjust any of the air units with a wide range of specifications such as PSI (0~160), Bar (0~11), and KPA(0~1100). 
  • High-Quality Material – Most pressure regulator valves are made with high-quality materials. Again, the manufacturer calibrated it to follow the three processes that made this regulator more accurate and stable. You may think it’s a china-made product. But it’s focused on the quality to ensure the best outputs.
  • Durable Air Compressor GaugeAir regulator gauge is the core of this model. This attached regulator gauge helps you maintain an accurate pressure between the air system and desired tools. Operating the gun at the specified speed is essential to prevent overspray. 


  • It saves energy & money
  • Affordable 
  • Wide display 
  • Precise air pressure regulating the capacity 
  • Suitable for fast-paced working environments 


  • Not worthy of all sorts of painting

Why Should You Buy This? 

We like this regulator for its auto-shut-off capacity, which is a critical point. Another notable thing about this regulator is its durable fittings and conserves battery. Moreover, it is a real-time beast that can be defeated with any tools. 

03# Best for Home Project: NEIKO 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

neiko hvlp spray gun manual

Our third pick is from Neiko. Neiko has reigned over the regulatory field for many years. They promise to provide versatile and easy-to-use products. These things will also reflect on the paint gun regulator. The unique functions that Neiko attached to this will be quite enough to signify it as the best hvlp spray gun regulator. 

Highlighted Feature

  • Comfortable handle design
  • Worth using or completing any home DIY project
  • Very robust construction 
  • Cleans easily 

Features & Uses

  • Perfect for Home DIY Project – Hivlp is great to buy for those searching for something homely, a paint gun. This regulator offers you the classic high pressure, low volume gravity. This can produce an essential fluid that makes a painting job a breeze. Also, this will come with 3-control valves to give you the perfect spray you need.
  • High-end Consistency – If you closely look at the design, this paint gun regulator has a fine nozzle size. It is perfect for any kind of application, heavy projects around the house. Hence, many reviews say it is hard to get the spray tip-off. But this is not an actual problem. The manufacturer may forget to put a thread lock on it, yet you can get it off without trouble.
  • Even painting – To paint any sort of cottage to your kitchen countertops, this regulator will do it within a second. The gun works as far as promising to shoot a coat of water-based high-fill primer. Again, it is as thick as latex. 
  • Works As A Pricier Spray-Who knows, you might need to buy a paint gun regulator for woodworking. One of the best-reviewed users of this model claimed that it would give well-qualified outputs while using wood. Usually, you may have trouble applying conversion varnish during the woodworking. The 1.7 mm nozzle is enough to reach into every corner of the wood. Again, their nozzle is very swivel and good enough to meet your expectations.
  • Easy to Clean Up- The Neiko 31216 comes with a stainless steel lid and aluminum cup. The regulator can hold up to 600 cc ounces of fluid at once through these advanced functions. So it is pretty easy for you to clean up the regulator without splits. This equipment is also well-manufactured with a heavy-duty finish that won’t rust easily.
  • Tethering Trigger- Neiko provides you with the best paint gun regulator by adding a tethering trigger. One of the crucial benefits you will get from this is getting the same pressure all the time. Again, you can set up the amount that you need. The tethering trigger will give you satisfactory comfort every time you keep your finger on its handle. 


  • It seems to spray well and even
  • The regulator, situated on the bottom, is helpful
  • It comes with a larger cup to hold more paints
  • Suitable for multiple uses
  • Good operating pressure 


  • Most of the nuts of this are too over-tightened

Why Should You Buy This? 

You should buy this one if you’re looking for a finished home; easy to get projects. All in all, here you also get some additional equipment, including 600 cc cup, air gauge, cleaning brush, and multi-size wrench. 

04# Best for Heavy-duty Uses: LE Lematec AR-01 Air Compressor Regulator

LE Lematec AR-01 Air Compressor Regulator

The LE Lematec AR-01 is the highest spray gun regulator with a rounder shape. We admired this product for its size. It is recommended that rated flow 89 SCFM be ideal for all types of guns. The quality of housing and color-coding are the most noticeable points that make it different from others. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Heavy-duty composition 
  • Enhanced durability and secure reading
  • It can contribute to efficiency and productivity 
  • Gives you reasonable control and accurate reading all the time

Feature & Uses

  • Good Flow Control-Despite not being built for full-time painting, Le Lematec is an exemplary flow controller. The flow control is all it does. You may be concerned that the spray gun wouldn’t like the initial high burst of pressure until the flow is stable. It provides correct pressure whenever you’re spraying through the trigger. 
  • High Reliable Control- It’s a pneumatic, high reliable controller that works for giving you comfortable grips. It also offered you a precise reading. Therefore, you won’t get annoyed by thinking of the missed amounts of airflow used in the project. This spray gun regulator is also suitable for automotive and industrial activities. 
  • Universal Thread NutStarting up the LE Lematec AR-01 for the first time isn’t overly complicated. It makes the work facile. The ¼” inches thread swivel unit and the universal knot ensure airflow accuracy. It won’t mess up the area, which you don’t need to get painted. 
  • Strong Industrial Craftsmanship- You may think it’s a compass at first appearance. But it’s a tiny regulator with a well-engineered form to run the industrial job smoothly. A strong base that leaves the works undone must cover all the air systems. 
  • Durable for Long Time Uses-This LE LEMATEC comes with heavy-duty composition for long-time uses. No need to replace it every few years. Moreover, the regulator body is shockproof and chemical resistant to use fundamentally anywhere. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable to fit on any regulator
  • Prevent the loss of materials 
  • It can hold a very consistent pressure which one needs
  • Accurate steel protects gauge 


  • There is no way to control the setting, or the device doesn’t actually set the rate of air.

Why Should You Buy This?

This type of air pressure regulator works more effectively than others. Moreover, you will get a heavy-duty design that is suitable to work in any situation. It works with reliable control and high-quality reading. And the compact air gauge comes with this one, which is very decent to use in any workshop. 

05# Best for Satisfactory Performance: 3M 16573 Accuspray Air Flow Control Valve

3m air regulator

The 3M airflow valve is an excellent product with a quality item expected from 3M. One of the best reviews of this model is about the excellent quality base regulator. As one user proclaimed that “he will have 2 of these, and he was happy with the performance”. Overall, this is a tiny thread cut-off valve. This is only suitable for regulating dynamic purposes. 

Highlighted Features – 

  • It is very lightweight & handy
  • Comes with easy to read air regulator gauge
  • Minimize the labor of painting 
  • It gives accurate outputs all the time

Feature & Uses

  • Accuspray To Set HVLP Spray Gun System – 3M regulator is advised to flush and fitted as the HVLP spray gun. This is the focus point of this accuspray paint gun regulator. You can set it for operating air pressure for the proper flows. It won’t spread out with any unnecessary waves. 
  • Gives Satisfactory Performance – 3M manufacturer authority provides lots of time to apply the latest science. This is all about the accuspray paint application system; by this convenience, your painting job becomes more professional. It will improve your efficiency as well as your values to prepare the painted surfaces. 
  • Fast Set Up- You might not like to spend a lot of time setting up any spray gun regulator. This is why you can rely on this model. At 4.8 ounces weight, this regulator just did an awesome job of paying attention to improve the airflow amount.
  • Works As Collision Repair-3M 16573 is the only regulator that focuses on atomizing their head. So that you could expect from this to get more profitable collision repair outputs. It also helps to reduce primer consumption and lower your paint application time. 


  • Explicit the long duration of the painting 
  • Offer effortless air pressure settings 
  • Reduce rework 
  • The regulator gauge provides clear operation all time
  • Connects quickly to any of the accuspray pieces of equipment 


  • The item’s marketing material and item descriptions are not correct

Why should you buy this? 

We found this model is very accurate and ready to provide satisfactory results all the time. Besides this, it has ¼” inches, 19BPS male thread, enough to reduce overspray and clear application. So you can buy this from the list of our best paint gun regulators. 

06# Best for Efficiency: QUICKEN Water Oil Separator Regulator

QUICKEN Water Oil Separator Regulator

Quicken Water Separator has a distinct finish, making it globally used everywhere. This kind of paint regulator is suitable to paint any type of home, no matter how big it is. It seems to work fine, but the fittings are often hard to tighten up. Again, it can hold up well. However, the best thing about this air regulator gauge is, 

Highlighted Features 

  • It’s very robust to filter the dust
  • Keep the air tools to operate the high performance 
  • Filter impurities and moisture successfully 
  • Comes with ¼” inches productive air inlet and outlet connectors 

Feature & Uses

  • Simple Drainage – most of the tools are not too accurate. Again, a user may fall into the regulator’s problem, which many pneumatic tools have is Drainage. The worst drainage system will fail to give you accurate results. But this model has a good drainage system. It has a built-in push button drain valve that works for easy cleaning. Again, it has a simple release button that releases the remaining water, pollutants, and dirt from inside. 
  • Fit for both paint gun & air compressor – Among the best paint gun regulators, Quicken is the only product that acts as both paint and air gun compressor. They can fit tight and finish any painting job with more clarity. 
  • Air Filtration Capacity – This airflow regulator has a high convenience capacity. It can filter all the pollutants from the paint gun. The compact knots and bolts are working on omitting the impurities and moisture from the air. This makes it more robust and feasible. 
  • Directly Use To Connect To The Spray Gun-Set up the spray gun with the regulator might sound too cumbersome. But this time, it won’t happen; you can directly use this pressure gun to connect with the regulator. And it directly takes action to filter out dust and oil in the air. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Very efficient 
  • Clean overall dirt & pollutants 
  • It holds up well 
  • Works perfectly 


  • It sometimes comes with junky tools and accessories. 

Why Should You Buy this? 

You should buy this air regulator gauge to effectively separate junks and air filters. It reduces moisture and impurities from the air finely. The customer reviews are overall good. It had a 279 rating on the official page of Amazon. 

07# Best for Professional Outcome: TCP Global Spray Gun AIR Regulator

best spray gun regulator

Our last air flow regulator is from TCP Global. First, let’s talk about its appearance. The product has a black-coated finish on its body. It looks so convenient and stable to fit in any paint gun. The keynote about this TCP is, it allows any individual to get precise air control at the gun. TCP global spray gun is ready to serve its users to feel professional.

Highlighted Features

  • Works to provide a professional outcome 
  • It comes with an adjusted Locking Knob 
  • Gives even result with steadfast spraying 
  • 0-180 psi air adjustment range

Feature & Uses

  • Precise air control – This airflow regulator is a well-reputed device to confirm air control. Precise spray means you need to spray the paint onto the point. It may look tremendous but efficient to start with this regulator. It is underneath the air pressure and squeezes them to flow evenly. You don’t need to position the sprayer’s mouth on how you want to be painted. 
  • Diaphragm control-Diaphragm control will help to adjust the paint gun pressure. To control the paint gun, you need to set up the air fluctuations inside the sprayer. The air sprayer works to adjust it and provides a way to maintain an even spray.
  • Fine Metering Control- As we know, a regulator reacts significantly faster than any loader valve. This term is all maintained in the TCP global regulator. Here you will find a fine metering control that responds speedily. It also works to change the downstream instantly to correct the control pressure. 
  • Air Adjusted Locking Knob-Air adjustment lock is an excellent way to slow down expenses. As well as, an adjusted locking requires only precise control around the 15-60psi range. For this reason, you can trigger the gun and get the instant result where it’s needed.


  • Speed up the spraying experience 
  • It comes with a durable straightforward coat design
  • Gives professional outcome
  • Monitoring the airflow with exceptional diaphragm control 
  • Shifted to fine metering control


  • Not too worthy for quick spraying 

Why Should You Buy This? 

The TCP global air regulator for spray guns is worth it to accommodate the steadfast control. It provides a quick response whenever you’re going to trigger the sprays. All in all, it provides refined metering power to get outstripped pattern control. 

Buying Guide to Getting The Best Paint Gun Regulator

As you know, it’s natural to get panicked or overwhelmed by the lofty options available in the market. 

Without good ideas and hints, it’s impossible to understand what types and features of paint gun regulators you need. 


Keep in mind that your paint gun regulator must have strong durability. This is the crucial thing that needs to be checked by everyone. Even if you’re hardly using the paint gun regulator, don’t take this thing lightly. Those regulators must have tended to be used for many years. 


paint gun regulator

The specifications of any product will let you know what size and dimensions it comes with. So check out the manufacturer specifications too for getting the exact information. 

Control Handle

Good handling of any spray gun is enough to give you satisfactory outputs. Some products have fewer comfort zones, which don’t allow you to work suitably. So check these factors whenever you shop for any paint gun regulator. 

Good for Multiple Usages

It is crucial, and we think tools like paint gun regulators and users shouldn’t skip this criterion, especially if you’re a professional painter or home interior designer. A paint gun can be used for many reasons. You might need it for woodworking, re-painting the home, for official projects, and also you may need it for furniture varnishing. 

Adjustable Spraying Knob

Steel made, and rustproof spraying is an essential feature that makes your painting journey more comfortable. The spraying knob especially works to give you satisfied outputs all the time. One of the additional purposes is to spray the paint onto the point. There will be no overspray or waste. 


Price often lets you push over any product. Suppose you may choose any regulator that meets all your demands. But when it comes to the price, you may not pick it for the shortest. That’s why we don’t tell you to increase your budget. But try to plan it first to match your pocket to your desired product price equally.

How Do You Adjust PSI on A Spray Gun?

how to adjust spray gun

Any spray gun’s right and adequate psi is about 15-20 psi. Moreover, you need to be strategic to adjust it on a spray gun. Keep in mind that once you’re successful, adjust it on a spray gun. You are all set to get the determined psi that one expected. To do it properly, follow the below steps carefully. 

Step 1- Adjust The Spray Gun Regulator

Start by adjusting the spray gun regulator. To adjust it, turn on the regulator endpoints. Set up the regulator to the paint gun. It’s well to mention that most spray guns have three basic control types. This will allow you to adjust perfectly to get optimum performances.

These include fluid adjustment, fan control, and air micrometer. You must start with the last two controls, named fan control and fluid control knob. Adjust it to the regulator. Make sure all the internal air pressure of the paint gun will be adequately exhausted. 

Step 2- Set Up The Fluid Control Knob with The Regulator

In the second step, you will adjust or set up the fluid control knob to the regulator. Be aware that the paint or fluid will not be decreased while you trigger the gun. Check twice that the paint holder cup will adjust with the regulator properly. Tightened all the knobs and screws with the help of a wrench. Now go for the next steps. 

Step 3- Check out The Fluid Consistently by Shoot It Frequently

Once you’re sure enough, you adjust the regulator with the spray gun. Give a trial to ensure that the psi is enough to paint any objects from a minimum distance. Shoot with the gun frequently anywhere and check the psi number. If you need to increase it, keep pressurizing the trigger point of the gun to increase the psi level. 


1. What PSI Should A HVLP Gun Be Set at?

PSI will recognize the fact of the paint gun as it is directly interlinked with the spraying power. The expert will recommend choosing the PSI between 25-30 whenever you’re triggering the pull. On the other hand, HVLP guns come with some paint tech sheets that refer to a painting air pressure around 8-10.

Besides this, you shouldn’t set up the spray gun on those paint tech sheets. This is because it is only suitable for the air cap pressure where the paint liquor comes off.

2. How Much PSI Does A Paint Gun Need?

A paint gun usually needs 10-15 air pressure. As we have already mentioned, air pressure is the main to drive the paint gun properly. This pressure keeps the trigger swiveling, sets it to spray on, and sticks on to the targeted point. 

However, the psi of any paint gun may vary depending on materials and other facts. For this reason, you may find 20-25 psi for the clear coats. And if you require any auto painting, it may increase up to 10 hp or above. 

3. What PSI Do You Spray on A Clear Coat?

The clear coat is a heavy-duty coating material that is easily dissolved in water. These coatings are generally used for advocating cross-linking mechanisms. So when it comes to painting over those materials, you need to trigger the gun around 26-29 psi. 

It is the base of the explicit coat materials, and it will help let airflow through the gun’s tip. You must load the gun with maximum psi to get a smooth finish. 


Finally, we want to tell you that it may be challenging to find a suitable regulator. But the task may be more facile for you once you finish reading out the entire article at a glance. 

More importantly, if you don’t have time for this. Then we highly suggest you get the Primefit CR1401G Replacement Air Regulator. This will come with a compact size, functions, and durability. Above all, Prime Fit has good ratings and positive reviews from its customers. 

However, you can also check our other best paint gun regulator before finalizing your shopping haul.

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