7 Best Heat Resistant Paint For Exhaust 2022- Complete Buying Guide

Expert professional automobile workshop owners know the exhaust needs to modify regularly. And so they always search online for the best heat resistant paint for exhaust pipes or headers. 

The high heat resistant paint protects the metal and expands its lifespan, which offers service for a long time. But the main issue is that what is the best paint to resist temperature? 

Yes, the answer to this question will be in this post step by step, where you will get a buying guide with some secret tips.

Let’s get started!     

Our Top Pick!

If you want to save your valuable time but want to invest in the best heat resistant paint for exhaust, take a short look at the below to shortlist.

  • Amazon’s Choice: Rust-Oleum High Heat Spray Paint
  • Editor’s Choice: Rust-Oleum Heat Protective Enamel
  • Best Overall: Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer Paint
  • Runner Up: POR-15 High Temperature Paint
  • Rust Protection: Rutland Brush-On Stove Paint
  • Best Heat Spray Paint: Rust-Oleum High Heat resistant Enamel
  • Premium Pick: Eastwood Heat Resistant Paint

Our Editor’s Note

When we start our research for the best heat resistant paint for exhaust, we get a lot of options in front of us. They all demand they are the best, which makes my task tough to find out the right option.

Then we started analyzing customers’ reviews and creating big data then collected their reviews. We also notice how much price point they feel comfortable picking and what quality paint satisfies them.

In the recent online market, a thousand brands of high temperature paint for metal are floating for buying. We have researched most of them and got well-known brands like Rust-Oleum, Rutland, Eastwood, and POR-15.

After finishing deep research, we have made a shortlist of 7 quality paint items. All of the packs have received honest feedback and 80% five stars, where their average rating is 4.9%. 

Is Exhaust Worth Painting?

There are so many forums online where experts have their experience and knowledge. Like this, they also said about this question and replied ‘Yes.’

Mr. Zack said, “I picked up a new exhaust for my car from a dealer. I’m possibly what perhaps a futile try at preserving the exhaust be and would high temp paint protect my exhaust and deliver extended durability.”


Yes, painting your exhaust is worth it because the paint saves your exhaust from rust and improves its appearance. It will make the exhaust durable and long-lasting.  

Guides: 7 Best Heat Resistant Paint For Exhaust

This segment will introduce you to the top-rated heat resistant paint for exhaust. Here we try our best to discuss the actual reviews that will help you choose the right product by yourself with satisfaction.

Let’s scroll!

1. Rust-Oleum High Heat Spray Paint

Rust Oleum 248903 high heat spray

Highlighted Features

  • Drying time only 30-minutes
  • It can coat more than 10 square feet
  • It can hold the heat up to 2000° F
  • It seals the metal properly
  • Rust and corrosion resistance


Our first product is from Rust-Oleum, formulated to renew and save the metal and exhaust surfaces from extreme heat or debris. The tough satin finish of the paint makes the pipe long-lasting and even rust-resistant. This model is also available in five different colors in the recent market.

Now let’s see its features which make the most customers interested. 


This Rust-Oleum 248903 high heat spray can tolerate higher heat that makes sure the paint is perfect for the exhaust. It can withstand up to 2000° F, which can stay unchanged for long. 


This exhaust heat resistant paint is constructed from enamel and also oil-based formula. Those materials perform better to the adhesive with all metals very easily. The spray model is very easy to use effortlessly without any hazards.       


  • Faster drying paint
  • It creates a smooth and surfaces protective finish
  • It renews the pipe and saves from rust
  • Made of USA
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • It isn’t ideal for fire pit
  • Small spray paint that not ideal for a large project

Why Should You Buy This?

Five-star review customer comments, this paint performs very well, and it lets me apply it on my car’s exhaust pipe very easily. I like this painting to make my job very simple. So, I always suggest my friends pick it when they search for heat-resistant paint for their exhaust. 

2. Rust-Oleum Heat Protective Enamel

Rust Oleum Heat Protective Enamel

Highlighted Features

  • Specially formulated to resist heat up to 1000° F
  • Available in five different colors
  • Ideal for applying on various types of metal
  • It can cover up to 65 to 130 square feet
  • Oil-based formula designed to renew the exhaust


The next product is also another model of Rust-Oleum. The manufacturer offers it a long-time satisfaction guarantee. This scenario makes it more reliable than durable and high-quality paint for the exhaust pipe.

According to the manufacturer, Rust-Oleum high heat paint can resist more than a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. And it is specially designed to apply on different metals like grills, stoves, engines, exhaust, and so much more. It also comes with unique features:


This paint is suitable for versatile metal with an exhaust system or engine. It is flawless and updated paint ideal for painting the whole brass fireplace. The rust and corrosion-resistant feature makes it more durable and expands the life of your exhaust pipe.


This Rust-Oleum is suitable to coat the lion’s share of the metal up to 130 sq feet very easily. This one is an oil-based formula that delivers a nice finishing surface coating. With this paint, you can be assured that the exhaust will remain in perfect shape for a long duration.       


  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Fast-drying formula
  • It is a perfect solution
  • Grasp the painting for a long duration
  • Protect the metal surface even in extreme heat


  • May emit odor smell
  • It refers may be more coating

Why Should You Buy This?

This model has customers gain more than a thousand reviews where it got 80% five stars for satisfaction. It is a big deal to prove a product as the best and trustworthy paint for the exhaust pipe. Yes, the overall performance of this paint makes it a suitable one for investment.

3. Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer Paint

rust-oleum 249340 automotive high heat primer spray paint

Highlighted Features

  • Specially formulated as rust-resistant
  • Resist up to 2000° F
  • Ideals for header, engine, or exhaust pipes
  • Covers more than 12-sq feet
  • Lockdown the metal properly


Interior parts of any automobile items like cars always require high quality and high heat resistant paint. And if the paint comes with premier, it will be a plus point for the users. Yes, Rust-Oleum is the only brand that offers automobiles owners this exact type of paint.

The Rust-Oleum high heat primer paint is one of them, which is another addition of this brand in the market. You can trust this item to protect your exhaust pipe from high temperature to rust or oil. Scroll and see its other features!

Primer with Paint

It is needless to say you have to paint the header or exhaust pipe with a primer that encourages accurate paint. This can let the paint stick better to the metal perfectly. So, there has no chance of the paint chipping or stripping off. 


Another motive of this prime paint is oil-based formulated that better saves the headers from any outside debris. This option is very important to save the exhaust pipe and expand its lifespan. 


  • Extremely durable
  • Increase the lifespan of the exhaust
  • Protect from dirt and oil
  • Can sustain higher temperature 


  • Maybe claims for brake calipers
  • Needs more coating for a better finish

Why Should You Buy This?

Paint and primer are both crucial for the metal paint this bottle offers for the exhaust pipe. It not only resists heat but is also very easy to apply over the metal surface very simply. It is better for the manifolds and lets you spray from a different angle. If you are a beginner-level painter, it will be extremely useful. 

4. POR-15 High Temperature Paint

por-15 high temp paint reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Resists chipping, peeling, and cracking
  • Ideal for professional users
  • Weather, salt, and moisturizer resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Oil-based paint is available liquid


When speaking about the paint for high temperature resistance, we must first think about POR-15 brand paint. This name is very popular with the professional persons working with automobiles regularly. It has more features:

Professional Paint

This is the heat resistant paint for exhaust pipes for professional users. It comes with an aerosol bottle that lets you apply it on the metal without any brush or spray guns. 

Peeling Resistant

There is a lot of oil-based paint like this option in the regular market areas. They are very strong to strictly bond the paint with the metal surfaces. So, you don’t need to think about chipping or peeling off. 


This heat-resistant and high-quality spray paint comes with longevity that depends on the proper application system. So, just follow the correct direction of what the manufacturer offered to apply this paint. 


  • Available with three different color options
  • Resist high temperature with high durability
  • Performs better on headers or exhaust pipes
  • Ideal for applying in all seasons
  • Comes with full application direction


  • It may peel off sometimes
  • Not resist the highest temperature

Why Should You Buy This?

We searched 80% of reviews of total customer rating and concluded that it performs well on exhaust pipes and headers. If you plan to buy the paint for your workshop, there is no better option than it. 

5. Rutland Brush-On Stove Paint

rutland 1200 degree paint

Highlighted Features

  • High-performance formulation
  • Withstand temperature more than 1200° F
  • Ideal all types of metal surface
  • Doesn’t require any primer
  • Made in the USA


Since 1883, Rutland has been a well-known brand name in the automobile world. The best seller point paint for some unique features that must satisfy most customers and users who gave the best feedback on it. What its features:


The first thing is that this product can resist more than twelve hundred Fahrenheit temperature, which is better for any metal. Resist heat is very significant for headers or exhaust pipes for longevity.


It is formulated to apply on versatile metal like an oven, grill, headers, engine, stoves, chimney, etc. People always love to keep their products new to look and don’t become older or discolored. 


  • Comes with natural features
  • Versatile and worth for cost
  • Compatible with types of cast-iron surface
  • Low VOC rating


  • It can’t be formulated for wood surface
  • Very short time warranty

Why Should You Buy This?

A unique thing about this product is that this one also comes with primer with the paint. So, it will save your money for primer and the time you have to spend on primer. 

6. Rust-Oleum High Heat Resistant Enamel

Rust-Oleum Paint 241169 High Heat Ultra Enamel

Highlighted Features

  • Packed with 6 cans of spray paint
  • All stops rust formula
  • Stop any damaged things from reaching the pipe
  • Last with up to 2000° F
  • Doesn’t require a primer 


We have already discussed some models of Rust-Oleum, and this is the last one. This comes with extra exhaust manifolds from the manufacturer, and the headers look very sleek and nice. This is a flat and protective enamel bond to load metal and withstands higher temperatures.

Rust Resistance

The basic object of this heat resistant paint is constructed to remove oily sticky feeling or gas to the pipe surface. Good maintenance makes the pipe more durable and expands its life of it.


Every single can stop the rust or any other damaged items from reaching the metal that keeps it clean and expands the lifespan. It is very easy to apply from any angle and doesn’t require any brush or spray gun to paint. 


  • Performs very well
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Ideal for bricks as well
  • Metal finish aesthetic


  • Can’t go for wood
  • Not for single exhaust one

Why Should You Buy This?

As an outcome, we think this paint performs best and is worth the price. The black shine color makes a sleeking look of the headers. And it doesn’t have more negative reviews about design engineering.  

7. Eastwood Heat Resistant Paint

eastwood high temperature exhaust paint

Highlighted Features

  • Cracking & peeling off
  • Resist heat up to 1400° F
  • Covers approximately 12 sq ft
  • Mate silver finish
  • Made in the USA


The Eastwood high temperature exhaust manifold paint comes with premier quality. It arrives with a 4.5 Amazon rating depending on its worldwide reviews. Eastwood paint comes in two different categories like spray paint and can. We are going to review can paint.

Perfect Bond

Eastwood high temperature exhaust paint can resist up to fourteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit for renewing the header’s metal. This paint is specially designed to remove cast iron on the metal surface and bond with aluminum perfectly.   

Easy Application

Outstandingly, you can paint or spray from a versatile angle very easily. For this, you don’t need any previous experience of coating. This paint won’t require any primer to use before painting. 


  • Available in paint or spray
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easy to apply
  • Save paint from worse environment


  • Can coat less area
  • Can’t offer high heat 

Why Should You Buy This?

We think it performs better overall with minimum effort as a final word of this paint. It doesn’t require more investment and cost that is affordable and durable.

Buying Guide: Best Heat Resistant Paint For Exhaust

Eye-catching products attract us among huge options quickly when we buy any items in the market. Most people of us do this mistake easily. 

Yes, it is a mistake if you purchase this item without thinking about some features and aspects of what is considered the best product.

In the same case, you have to apply heat resistant paint for exhaust. You shouldn’t purchase the paint because it looks nice or the manufacturer says it is good.

Instead, you need to take some time to see the features. By doing this, you can get the best one and invest in the right product.

With that in mind, below have some important facts that you should consider before buying the best paint for exhaust pipes.

Cans vs. Spray

Both are similar but have some differences. Spray paint is easy to apply, and cans are beneficial for different purposes.

Spray paint is easy to use but requires a paintbrush to make a good finish. Spray paints are the most popular, and their nozzles are easy to use and hassle-free. So, we always prefer to spray paint because they are portable and nice to work with.        

Paint Quality

Well, you shouldn’t compromise the paint quality over the cost. If you need to cost some penny more for the high-quality paint, then do it. But sometimes some less cost also same performance.

By the quality means if the paint is for ceramic coating plus primer. We all know that ceramic header paint makes an ideal bond with all metal surfaces. In contrast, a wonderful combination of primer with coat fits best for the headers but try to seek both if possible.   

Check out all ingredients as well as features before using them. In some situations, some product quality isn’t fit for different surfaces.        

Peeling / Chipping Resistant

Start seeking the paints which are chipping and peeling resistant. Some paints are higher temperatures, but the manufacturer doesn’t reveal this aspect.

Peeling begins when the surfaces achieve more than a thousand degrees temperature. And here arrives the actual test because, at this point, it displays the excellence of the paint. If the paints endure the chipping with peeling, you can say that you have done to hit the right jackpot.

Rust Resistant

Once you paint the headers, the heat exhaust will expose the environment. It can make the painted exhaust rust again. So, you should choose rust-resistant paint, which remains the header in the pristine situation for a long time. On the other hand, the paint must withstand hot oil plus gas spills.          

Temperature Resistant

As the car’s header is situated close to the engine, it is subjected to high temperature from time to time, and sometimes, the temperature can go very higher, more than 1000° F. But it isn’t astonishing seeing the heat is produced in the engine, and all tasks go on there. 

Unluckily, regular paints can’t endure like these heat levels, and they lean to varnish while the surface reaches that temperature. For this reason, we have high temperature paints in the first rank. Even so, all manufacturers of the paints in the current market don’t have a similar temperature resistance. 

Ideally, you shouldn’t go for a higher temperature than 1200°. You must go with an option that can tolerate the temperature from 1200° to 2000° F.           


Corrosion resistance is another most significant feature that you must consider. You also should think of the paint’s adhesion even under the fireplace’s like highest temperature.

Another better note is going through the manual to instruct the selected paint. It will allow you to know what requirements match your acceptance. If these standards don’t suit your requirements, just leave the paint from your list.

Most experts suggest checking the customer’s or users’ feedback and reviews from the manufacturer for the best satisfaction.    

Painting Area

Before purchasing the paint, you have to consider where you will paint or what types of areas your projects are. If you need to paint on the fireplace, here you should think of the heat-resistant or UV-resistant formula but not water-proof quality paint.  

Application Style

All of us always think about making any task much easier and finishing with less effort, don’t we? For painting, we think it is much more because painting makes more mess, which sometimes makes us very annoying.

And for the best high heat resistant paint, we need to look for those features that simplify the application. Now the question is that what features have we to consider for it?

For this case, most people love to use a paint spray bottle for easy application. Yes, spray paint is always easy, makes less mess, and paints the surface smoothly and quickly. But all of them depends on the performance of the bottle nozzles mainly and the skill of your hand. 

Now, if you think that regular paint is the best option with a paintbrush and can make less mess than spray paint, we also say it is quite right. However, all applications need some skills and control of your hand or brush for nice painting.  


The last option is the cost of the paint. Yes, for handling any project professionally or individually, we have a fixed budget and always manage it according to our wallets. But we should not compare the quality of the product of our budget. 

In the market, different paints charge different prices. All of them maybe not budget-friendly. But for the cost-effective paint, you sometimes have to spend some more pennies. 

So, if you have a better idea about the price of the paints, you can make a nice budget for your next paint. This idea will help you purchase the best high heat exhaust paint making a good budget. 

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Exhaust Pipes?

The exhaust pipes heat thousand and hundred degrees. So, it requires high heat resistant paint. Make sure the selected paint is heat resistant up to 600° to 1000° Fahrenheit so that it can resist high heat effectively.  

Below have some examples of the highest temp paint for exhaust pipes.

Rust-Oleum Hest Resistant paint for exhaust.

Rust-Oleum heat resistant paint with up to 1000° F is ideal for painting your exhaust pipe. Besides painting, this paint brand performs better to protect the coat from rust. 

POR-15 High Temperature paint

POR-15 is another heat resistant paint that arrives with up to 1,200° F and different colors. So, it is also the best option for painting the exhaust pipes.   

Eastwood Heat Resistant Paint

This is another best paint from Eastwood designed to last with up to 1400° F temperature.       

How Do I Paint My Exhaust Pipe?

When you have picked the best heat resistant pint for exhaust, finally, it is most important to know how to paint your exhaust pipe. Yes, it is easy but some tricky for which you have to know how to complete it without any hazard. 

Below we have shown you some easy steps to paint your exhaust pipe with less effort. Get start:

Clean The Exhaust Pipe

Before painting, it is important to clean it properly. Make sure that you have to remove oil, dust, or dirt from the surface of the pipe. If you spray or brush the paint on those rust things, the paint won’t stick properly. How to clean the pipe?

First, sand the pipe and make it smooth. Here you need to use 80-100 grit sandpaper that performs better. Then clean it using water and wipe with a clean paper towel. Now rubbing some alcohol which ensures the water is disappeared and cleans it properly!

Now leave the pipe for 5 to 10 minutes to dry completely. 

Paint The Pipe

Has your exhaust pipe dried fully? Sure? So, it is ready for painting. Now apply the first coat across the whole surface from the right angle. If you think there is a need double coat, do it after taking a rest.

In this case, we suggest you wait for an hour so that the first coat can dry properly. Then apply another coat like the first way. You can repeat the coat across the pipe’s surface 3 to 4 times if you need.

Test the Painted Pipe

It is the last but more crucial option. Don’t run your vehicle on the road without testing the engine anyway! At least one or two hours, wait and run your engine for 10-15 minutes. Then drive for 20-minutes as for test. When it reaches performing temperature, shut off the engine and keep your car rest for a few days if possible. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. Will High Temp Paint Work On Exhaust?

High-temperature paint is extremely widely used in the automotive industry, especially exhaust. This feature performs better to renew the exhaust pipe and give long-lasting life.  

2. What Kind Of Spray Paint Is Heat Resistant?

Enamel or mineral spray paint specially formulated to protect the exhaust pipe surface is also heat resistant. Some brands deliver those types of paint which are available and reliable, like Rust-Oleum, Eastwood, and Rutland 

3. Can You Paint An Exhaust Manifold?

Yes, you can also paint your exhaust manifold, and it is necessary when the manifold becomes fade away. But before painting, clean the manifold perfectly and dry, then apply the paint, taking enough time manually.  

4. Do You Need Primer For High Heat Paint?

Most heat resistant paint comes with a primer, and they don’t require it more. But some brands suggest using a primer before applying their paint on the exhaust pipe. So, before using the paint, you need to read the particular manual of what the brand delivers with the product.

5. Can You Use Engine Paint On Exhaust?

Typically, enamel paint is formulated for engine paint. But this ceramic paint is also extremely effective for the exhaust system. This paint not only protects the exhaust from rust or corrosion but is also cured properly and gives an expanded life.


For keeping the exhaust safe from dust, debris, corrosion, or all types of damage, painting is most essential. In this scenario, you need to pick the best heat resistant paint for the exhaust system. 

Hopefully, after reading this buying guide, you have a better idea and the best products. They are ranking top position in our list and recent market. 

Thankfully all products on our list are highly qualified and reliable to use on any exhaust system.    

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