5 Best Paint For Steel Bumper Reviews With Ultimate Buying Guide

Every car owner likes to keep their car’s bumper look like new all the time. With the cruel surroundings of the automotive world, it is really tough to maintain the showroom polish on the bumper of the car.

So, how can we fix the bumper to keep its new appearance for years? Well, advanced paint technology makes it easier with bumper paints. 

Painting on the bumper is an easy task if you can apply the best paint. But finding out the perfect paint for your car’s bumper is always pretty tricky. We are here today to help you. After a well-research, we came up with a list of the five best paint for steel bumpers.


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No.Paint nameKey PointsRatingPrice
1Honda Modern Steel Metallic touch up PaintSize: 14.7 ml Finish: Matte Dry time: 1 hour4.9Check Price
2Dupli Color Automotive Touch Up PaintSize: 340g Color: Clear Dry time: 1 hour4.9 Check Price
3Stainless steel polyurethane coating paintSize: 8 cans Color: Black Cure time: 24 hours4.9 Check Price
4Eastwood Stainless steel paintSize: 1pound Color: Clear Dry time: 1 hour4.9 Check Price
5Rust-Oleum Trim and Bumper spraySize: 11 oz Finish: Matte Dry time: 1 hour4.9Check Price

Best Paint for Steel Bumper Reviews

If you are super careful about your car bumper and want to keep it looking good and save, you need to go for the best paint to use on a bumper. Below has a list of the best paint for the bumper.  

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1. Honda Modern Steel Metallic touch up Paint

Genuine Honda Accessories


Key Feature
  • Used for: 2013 Honda 2/4 door
  • High-quality PPG paint
  • Fix small scratches easily
  • UV rays resistance
  • Ensure longevity 
Genuine Honda Accessories

Our editor’s give the rank no-1 to this model is from Honda. Yes, we speak about the first paint on our list: the modern steel metallic Honda touch-up paint. It is a top-quality acrylic spray paint steel bumper, which will suit the steel bumper.

So, Use it with full confidence and say goodbye to your older look or scratches of your steel bumper forever. Below we tell about its features and even show you what its manufacturer said for customers.   

Why we prefer it?

Cover large area: We select it because it is an acrylic steel metallic touch-up paint for Honda Accord. This small can allow you to spray around 7.39MM very easily.

Compact design: The compact design makes this modern steel metallic spray paint makes it much easier to store in your car. And you can carry it anywhere. This paint is UV rays resistant, and this feature makes it more durable than what you desired.

Remove scratch: Having smaller to large scratches on the car’s steel bumper is a normal fact that is showing more. This bottle helps you to hide them permanently. You will get an applicator brush inside the can that can easily apply the paint.

Nice Looking: The great idea behind this paint is to create a nice looking of your car and offer a safety layer with the touch-up paint. Yes, you are allowed to do this task with this acrylic paint though it is pretty pricy.         

  • Travel-friendly
  • Higher quality
  • UV-resistant
  • Best protective
  • Compact size
  • It is pretty expensive than its small size
  • Some users claim color matching, and they think it is more visible than car color

What does Manufacture say?

We guarantee our this paint will match your Honda’s original color. Our experts create an exclusive one-stop solution for our customers so that they can paint their cars simply. Our customers always like to get this bottle for their new or old car for high-quality paint and good color matching.  

2. Dupli Color Automotive Touch Up Paint

Dupli-Color TB100


Key Feature
  • EZ touch fan spray nozzle
  • OEM 100% exact match color
  • Ideal for large touch-up
  • Aerosol spray touch up paint
  • 100% color match guarantee 
Dupli-Color TB100

Painting on steel bumpers and trims is a really tough task for even those people who already have skill and experience. But when you choose Dupli color burnt orange metallic spray paint, the complete process will make less tough. 

If you need to renew or re-coloring your steel bumpers, you can choose this best steel bumper paint for its astonishing finish. This trim and bumper paint arrives with high-quality features that would allow you to use it continually. Plus, our experts confidently suggest using this paint to cover the vast area.

Why we prefer it?

Short drying time: First of all, you would like to use it for its short drying time. This Dupli color trim and bumper paint don’t wait for you for an hour after coating on the bumper. You can touch the color coat after 30-minute and dry complete less than 1-hour. 

Effective nozzles: The touch-up spray nozzle let you top keep a smooth plus coating on the surface of the projects. And while paired with its faster dying features, this stainless steel paint for car bumper is must-have for anyone. 

Lightweight: The compact design and size make it lightweight, making it travel-friendly and portable anywhere. It takes very short space for storing which you have in your car even in inch a corner. 

Versatile use: Though we recommend it just for steel bumpers, it lets you apply it on bulk items like plastic, metal, and rubber. It helps you to handle different projects with a single bottle.        

  • Wonderful high-quality spray paint
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ideal for different types of projects
  • It offers a super long-lasting finish and polish
  • It is also heat-resistance up to 300-degree F.
  • Some users claim for mess during applying.
  • A few people felt it difficult to open it.

What does Manufacture say?

For more than 60-years, Dupli color manufacturer has been well-known as the “Perfect Match” in the world of automotive paint. And they offer this paint bottle with full perfection. 

The manufacturer aims to gain 100% customer satisfaction. And that’s the reason for providing trustworthy products like this bumper and trim paint

3. Stainless steel polyurethane coating paint

Stainless Steel Coatings


Key Feature
  • Professional based industrial paint for steel to metal
  • Protect against high destruction
  • Appeal and durable polish
  • Suitable for metallic and non-metallic surfaces
  • 100% stainless steel pigment 
Stainless Steel Coatings

Next, we have another paint coating for cars from the stainless steel store, and it also arrives in 8-spray cans. So, if you are one who wants to purchase the largest pack for industrial use, this pack is right even in price.

This bumper touch-up paint can is ideal for withered and discolored bumpers. And shortly, you can apply this spray paint on any item to complete several types of coating easily.

Why we prefer it?

OEM Color Match: This stainless steel touch-up paint makes easy the toughest task like removing painting scratch. The spray arrives with the OEM color match, which can cover and coat even the harder surfaces with minimum complications.

Highest coating: The stainless steel coating paint 8 cans comes with a considerable amount of fluid, ideal for coating about 150 sq feet. In this way, you can use this product without disturbing about exhausting it before the task is complete. Further, it offers a safety layer over your scheme.

Easy to use: These stainless steel color spray paint cans are extremely easy to use, and there has no chance of making any mess. It is a wonderful repainting painter to hide or remove the scratch marks are even the largest spaces. All in all, it is an amazing paint spray pack that can give you excellent results.                  

  • Amazing higher quality spray paint
  • It is really easy to apply
  • Perfect for more high-flying scratch marks
  • It can coat a larger area
  • Result in the best polish for a longer time
  • Not well for individual use
  • Sometimes spray come out with large drops

What does Manufacture say?

The manufacturer and brand of this Steel-it stainless steel paint is Stainless steel coating, INC. According to their experts, this paint can’s pack is the best paint for steel bumper because they don’t consider every single fact to make it the highest quality spray paint. They include a cutting cream for using over the clear surfaces to get your bumper a brilliant finishing with advanced technology.

4. Eastwood Stainless steel paint

Eastwood Self Etch Primer


Key Feature
  • Ideal for stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome 
  • Used for: bumpers, brackets, and trims
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Maximum temperature 170 degrees F
  • A protective and super long-lasting polish 
Eastwood Self Etch Primer

At this stage, we are going to speak out about the steel header paint from Eastwood. It is a high-quality Eastwood pint spray that can be used to fix the steel bumper. 

It is an ideal spray paint coating for bumpers and trims parts. Suppose the steel bumper has scratched that is showing all over it. This spray can be used to go back to that unique stainless steel appearance.

Why we prefer it?

Attractive finish: This aluminum primer spray paint leaves an extreme shine and attractive polish. It provides safety and tough coating. So, the bumper will have a few resistances to scratch next time. 

Protective coating: The protective and long-lasting coating saves from rust, corrosion, and even UV rays. Not only has that, but it also offered heat resistance of more than 170 degrees F.

Larger coating: This paint to use on aluminum arrives in a 16-ounce spray bottle that covers vary with the most ease. It provides you with a matte finish with a gloss layer ranging from 15%. 

Durability: This Eastwood steel blue paint has a thickness of around 2 mm, which is a super durable finish that will remain the bumper save for a long time even in the rough environment. 

  • Superexcellent spray paint
  • Amazing long-lasting finishing
  • Fantastic base for high build premier
  • High-temperature chrome coating
  • Not suitable for projects that require more precision
  • Not ideal for larger projects

What does Manufacture says?

Eastwood manufacturing is a USA-based automotive company. They provide many reliable products in the market, and it is one of them for silver aluminum spray paint

According to the manufacture, it is easy to use areole, rust-free, and one step metal sprays. It allows you to apply on stainless steel, aluminum and lets you get compatible virtual finish one versatile part.     

5. Rust-Oleum Trim and Bumper spray

Rust-Oleum Black BlackRust


Key Feature
  • Perfect for renewing the appearance of steel bumper and trims
  • Contains Stops corrosion formula for long time protection
  • It can cover a larger area
  • It makes a nice looking with a matte finish
Rust-Oleum Black BlackRust

Finally, our last spray paint from Rust-Oleum is right for those seeking the wonderful spray paint to fix the steel bumper. It is a higher-quality spray paint that can be ideal for trims and dumpers.

As the best spray paint for steel bumpers made from metal that is from Rust-Oleum, this premium paint is a professional grade and premier automotive with excellent properties. This spray paint will be used on bare metal surfaces for maximum coverage.   

Why we prefer it?

Super protective:  It is constructed with the toughest resin bases, which resist any cracking, chipping, and even peeling during extreme rough weather conditions such as rain and snow. When used to bare metal, it offers a thick surface that helps prevent corrosion from forming under the coating.

High-quality formula: The high-quality formula from Rust-Oleum and this formula make it more comfortable to use on any type of bumper surface.

Change Look: If you have a discolored and molding bumper, you can quickly upgrade and change the outlook of your car’s steel bumper. Plus, applying the spray is easy with any angle technology.    

  • OEM color match
  • It features a comfort spray nozzle with any angle
  • Ideal for exterior and interior matte finish
  • Travel-friendly
  • Any weather condition resistant
  • It emits a risky substance
  • Gloss not matte

What does Manufacture say?

Rust-Oleum is a USA manufacturer company that is a reliable brand name in the automotive world. The brand says that the formula of this paint performs well on metal surfaces like steel, plastic, and metal. According to the manufacturer, it is the ultimate flexibility for extreme applications.

Buying Guide: Best Paint for Steel Bumper


You need a different option if you require the best steel bumper paint. That’s why it is most significant to notice the overall finish that the spray paint offers. And, must check the durability and rough weather-resistant to keep the bumper shiny for a long time.

Color match

You must not want to pick such a painter that doesn’t go with your car. So, just choose any touch-up bumper spray paint for steel or metal that comes with an OEM color match formula. If you select the wrong paint for your steel bumper, it looks like strange and changes the view of the car. 

Drying time

When you paint the bumper, especially steel metal, you have to leave it for a few days before going to drive it again. Otherwise, if you don’t give more time, you should look for the best bumper paint that will dry faster. Many different spray paints dry within 1 hour to 24 hours. You can choose anyone easily.

Easy to apply

Are you an experienced and professional automotive painter? If yes or not so what, you should always try to pick the best paint for bumpers which easy to use and save time without any mess. You can think about anyone from our list products; all of them are very simple to apply on the bumper and even dry fast.


Don’t skip the size of the paint, and don’t forget to check how many areas the paint can coverage. Instead of seeking the largest spray paint bottle, do some research to determine how many sq feet the paint bottle can cover?

Reliable brand

Thousands and hundreds of new and old brands are floating in today’s automotive world. If you don’t have any trustworthy brand, you should check the well-known brand that offers reliable best spray paint for bumpers. 

FAQ: Best spray paint for steel bumper

Is repainting a steel bumper pricy?

It mainly depends on the products. Some paints are expensive, which are designed for professional use and come in the largest size. You can pick any single pack within your budget for single and individual use.

Is it better to spray or brush paint steel?

Both types of paint are good for steel or metal. But comparing them, it is easy to say that spray paint is very easier to use than a brush paint. It is easy to apply and very faster to complete any project.

Do I have to prime the metal before painting? 

Yes, applying the best primer on the steel or metal is always good practice before spraying the paint. It helps the color to lock better and protect from oxidizing. 

Last words!

So, have you got which is the best paint for steel bumper for your car? We think this post helps you to make a good decision. If you are still thinking now, you should go through this buying guide again to make the best decision for the best products.

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