Harbor Freight Garden Tools – Are They Worth Purchasing

When it comes to garden tools, you get what you pay. You will find garden tools of different price ranges in the market. But all manufacturers don’t make a quality product, and thus, tools performance varies.

Harbor Freight is one of the top manufacturers in the garden tools industry. They have a wide range of tools to make your gardening activities effortless.

We crafted this article with a list of 20 Harbor Freight garden tools that combines functionality and affordability.

18 Harbor Freight Garden Tools

All the selected products in this list are so efficient that different gardening tasks will be a breeze. Also, they will help you increase your productivity as well.

1# Wood-Handles Leaf Rack

Wood-Handles Leaf Rack

Landscape rake harbor freight is a noble and inevitable tool for every garden owner. It will help you in pilling leaves, gathering grass, and cutting. Moreover, you can smoothen out soil easily.

Harbor Freight manufactures them with rugged materials to meet the requirement of the weekend and full-time gardener. The extra-wide span allows you to gather plant debris in each stroke so that the task will be faster and quicker.

2# Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Who doesn’t want to get a good-looking lawn? Buy this Harbor Freight Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. Many gardeners claim that while cleaning the lawn, they feel back pain. You will love to know that you don’t need to break your back when working with this self-propelled lawnmower. This is perfect for large yards and steep slopes.

It can cut the mangiest and tallest grass with its 80V, 21” Atlas wheel. The variable speed control adjusts itself according to your pace. Based on the mowing type, the motor adjusts its performance for longer runtime and more power.

3# Rolling Work Seat


A rolling work seat offers benefits in several ways when working on a lawn. A rolling seat takes the strain from your feet and allows you to have a relaxing time while you pant a new tree or clean your lawn.

This work seat has sturdy wheels that let you move smoothly from one place to another. In the incorporated tool tray, you can store the required gardening gears. It assists you to win the battle against weeds without back and knee pain.

4# Mini Shovel

Mini Shovel

Although it is a mini shovel, mighty enough to shape an existing hole, you can also dig a hole conveniently. With a 27” length and compact design, this takes place easily in a rolling seat tray. The handle is made of high-tensile strength laminate fiberglass, giving it a sturdy look. 

Additionally, the impact dispersing D-grip allows you to make the required punch to make a digging project successful.

5# Long Reach Lopper

Long Reach Lopper

You will never have a struggling time trimming vines or trees when you have this long reach lopper in your hand. With this tool, you can make clean cuts on the woodiest and toughest branches. It has a telescoping handle and features a ratchet action that reaches 18-1/2” to 31-1/8”.

Moreover, you will get the right amount from the lopper to get you to the expected limbs or branches. The high-carbon steel blade is extremely sharp and retains the sharpness for many days.

6# Planter


When working in a compact space, this planter would be your best companion. This is a mattock-style planter, suitable for cultivating and digging.

The planter has a non-slip handle that helps you grip the tool tightly. Many customers appreciated the performance of this tool. Overall, it will help you dig a ditch through rough red clay.

7# Mesh Steel Deck Wagon

Mesh Steel Deck Wagon

Although, you may think that wheelbarrows harbor freight are ideal for maximum projects. But the wheelbarrow’s body is curved, which makes it unsuitable for carrying gears like a bag of mulch. For these types of projects, it would be best to buy a Mesh Steel Deck Wagon. 

This Harbor Mesh Steel Deck Wagon has a loading capacity of 1,000lbs. with a 2ft. X 4ft. bed. The carrying space is ample enough for small to large materials.

8# Blower Vacuum

Blower Vacuum

Autumn is the best and the worst month for gardeners. Every year, they enjoy the fruits of hard work and plan for the following year. In this season, leaves start changing. Sadly, all the pretty leaves start falling from the trees. As a result, you have to clean the leaves. But cleaning leaves following traditional methods is not an easy task.

In this case, a blow vacuum would be the best option. Use the Harbor Freight Blower Vacuum to clean the dry leaves from your lawn. Your leaf collection task will be fun with this blower vacuum.

9# 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

Piece Garden Tool Set

This is a garden toolset of a 2-piece trowel and 1-piece cultivator.

Hand Trowel: dig holes for potting and planting

Narrower Transplanting Trowel: It is marked in centimeters and inches. Using it, you gauge the deep plantings.

3-prong Cultivator: For loosening soil.

It is the utmost cost-efficient set and is made of durable stainless steel. Every tool comes with a soft-touch grip for comfortable holding. Even when wearing gloves, you will not face trouble using them.

10# Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

It is a versatile hedge trimmer that comes with an easy to maneuver feature. This 20V cordless electric hedge trimmer is so powerful that it effortlessly helps shrub and bush shape, sculpting, etc.

You can cut branches a maximum of 9/16” from the left or right side. Also, it is lightweight, and you can easily get large shrubs and high hedging. The large handle makes gripping easy and comfortable.

11# Round Point Shovel

Round Point Shovel

Break a stony, hard ground with this Round Point Shovel without hassle, making it suitable for urban landscapers or backyard gardeners.

The handle is so long, 40”, and durable fiberglass laminate is used to manufacture the handle, making it long-lasting. In order to ensure a comfortable grip, it has foam in the handle. You will be able to dig a deeper hole using the super-strong 10” wide round-point steel blade and heavy-duty collar.

12# Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

Protection and flexibility both are necessary when working in the garden. These gardening gloves from Harbor Freight offer convenient grip regardless of the weather condition.

They are made of breathable and lightweight knit, ensuring superior touch and feel. Elastic grip prevents dirt, dust and grime from entering into the gloves. You will find this pair of gloves in 3 different sizes: small, medium and X-large/large.

13# Soaker Hose

Soaker Hose

Watering your garden or lawn will become much more enjoyable with this Harbor Freight Soaker Hose. With the help of a soaker hose, you can provide a slow but steady trickle of water to your plant. Also, you don’t need to water your plans individually when you have this soaker hose in your gearbox.

14# Pole Saw

Pole Saw

Periodic trimming is necessary to have a healthier and attractive-shaped tree or plants. This pole saw can reach up to 9ft., allowing you to trim dead tree branches or limbs. Also, if your garden trees are growing following an undesirable direction, grab this pole saw and give your trees an attractive shape.

15# String Trimmer

String Trimmer

Are you facing trouble cutting growth along edges? Don’t hesitate to add the Harbor Freight String Trimmer to your toolbox.

It is equipped with a powerful 40V battery, which means swapping the battery between jobs is entirely unnecessary. You will be able to give your garden and lawn a good shape by taking assistance from this string trimmer.

16# Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender

You may find gouges and kinks in your hose if you carry it from one end to another end of your yard for watering purposes. The good news is that, to make watering comfortable, install this 2 or 4-channel Faucet Extender of Harbor Freight.

This is a great device, allowing you to water your garden or lawn in several places at a time. More importantly, trickle watering is also possible with this Faucet Extender.

17# Garden Hose Quick Couplers

Garden Hose Quick Couplers

For many, hose management is a painful task. Simply your life with these Harbor Freight Garden Hose Quick Couplers. Quickly break down or extend your garden hose length with these couplers. Moreover, the durability of your hose will increase when you use them, giving you peace of mind.

18# 2-Gallon Sprayer

Gallon Sprayer

This is a must-have tool for every gardener. This 2-Gallon Sprayer from Harbor Freight lets you spray everything from fertilizer to weed killer, from sealer to water. The built-in shoulder strap and handle make the task comfortable. This is a cost-efficient option offering value-added service.

Wrapping Up

Without gardening tools, a gardener can’t make their garden attractive and praiseworthy. These Harbor Freight Gardening Tools are designed to make your life simple and garden or lawn beautiful. They are so efficient that your gardening task will be fun.

Also, these tools are cost-effective, and you don’t need to break your bank to buy them. More importantly, premium-quality gardening tools are worth the price.

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