6 Best Plastic Bumper Paint Guide | Which One Should Pick

Bumpers and trim are really twinges to keep looking just like the new one always. With the rough environment of the automotive world, it may be tough to maintain the showroom keep shine of your car or truck. 

So, how to fix your car’s bumper and trim and keep it looking new for years? Today’s advanced paint technology is expected with the paints on plastic bumpers.  We have compiled already a list of the most reliable brands with our top picks. We have reviewed all of them and recommended them because they offer amazing coverage and dry faster.

You can get each paint feature higher quality formulas and makes them safe to use on your vehicles. If your car has been hurt in an accident and needs a few touch-up works, check our reviews of the best 6 best plastic bumper paint below!

Best Plastic Bumper Paint

Our top pick Products

If you do have not enough time, you can check the below list and go to the destination straightly.

Best overallDupli-Color Trim and Bumper Black
Runner upVHT Hood Bumper & Trim Paint
Best paint for plastic bumperDupli-color silver automotive paint
Premium choiceKrylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer
Best for Great ValueSem Paints Color Coat

Best Plastic Bumper Paint Guides

One of the toughest works might be getting the best paint for plastic in the recent market. You have been protected from getting that type of stress. Here are six of the best spray paint products you can get in stores. To know more, join us! 


Rust-Oleum Black BlackRust-Oleum Automotive 251574 11

Let’s get started with our first product; yes, we speak about Rust-Oleum trim and bumper paint. Painting scratches on bumpers will be like a living nightmare for various workers.

However, it is very easy to use and apply with this. The spray arrives with an OEM color match that enables you to cover even the most difficult surfaces with minimum or no complication. 

What’s more?  

Features of This Rust-Oleum

  • This sturdy, long-lasting coating is waterproof and solvent resistant, so it can’t peel and chip when uncovered to the material. 
  • It is an ideal paint for automotive spray painters DIYers looking to cover their bumpers at home with a long-lasting gloss finish.
  • Its flexible formula means you will have no issue using this bumper spray paint indoor and outdoor in any climate. 
  • The SEM spray bumper paint has a lower VOC content meaning it can’t release any risky chemicals into the air while spraying. 
  • It also includes UV blockers to save against fading in sunlight. So, you find a forceful coating that pro-level spray painters can consider off.      

Why We Love It?

The best part of this spray paint is matching the original material manufacturers look. Its 11-ounce bottle will let you cover more than 10-15 sq. ft. However, before applying this paint on the surface of the bumper, you should confirm the can’t temperature is at 21° C. 

Reason to Buy

  • It matches the regular materials that brand appearance
  • It has a lower VOC content
  • It follows any angle spray technology
  • It makes the sure professional level coating

Reason to Avoid

  • It can leave behind spots

Why Do We Recommend It?

At last, we recommend it for some reasons like this paint arrives with a sizeable quantity of fluid that is sufficient to coat up to 15 sq ft. Thus you can apply it without worrying about exhausting it before completing the task. 

02. Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper Black

Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper Black

Duplicolor has been since 1938 as they know their stuff when it arrives at automotive finishes. Some manufacturers deliver touch-up paints particularly designed for all sorts of vehicles like bikes, cars, or trucks.

One of those paints is the trim and bumper black spray paint. This paint is ideal for coating trim and plastic bumpers on the automobile. 

Let’s know our today’s model!  

Features of This Duplicolor

  • This unit is formulated for automotive touch-up performance to deliver the long-lasting required to withstand environmental conditions. 
  • It arrives in three different colours – black, charcoals, and clear. They allow you to make a nice finish. 
  • This Duplicolor bumper paint offer coverage with minimal overspray. It holds on well to all thermoplastic with polyurethane bumpers. 
  • This paint includes the look of OEM factory paints without needing expensive and professional application procedures.
  • The amazing coating will save your bumper from tough weather conditions like snow and rain. It helps to remove fading thanks to the application of UV-inhibitors in its method.  

Why We Love It?

We prefer it because this plastic bumper paint features a patented formula named fade-X, which makes sure the paint will be long-lasting on both interior and exterior surfaces.

It also arrives with an 11-ounce container and 360° fan spray nozzle. These features help you to spray the paint from any angle. However, this spray design is uneven because of orange peels. It stays tacky for days after use, a barrier to finding the picture’s ideal finish.  

Reason to Buy

  • It is available in three different colours.
  • It leaves following the look of OEM factory paints.
  • It is durable for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • The nozzle is designed to spray from any angle easily.
  • Ideal for upgrading the badly faded bumper 

Reason to Avoid

  • It feels pretty sticky after application

Why Do We Recommend It?

Its weight is so lightweight, and it comes with a compact dimension that delivers you comfortable mobility. If you have a less storage system, you will be happy to know that it doesn’t require much space. You can apply this paint on thermoplastic and polyurethane bumpers easily. Thus letting you perform on all sorts of projects with minimum and with no issue.

03. VHT Hood Bumper & Trim Paint

VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint Satin Spray Black 11 Oz

The VHT hood bumper and trim paint is higher-quality automotive paint. This paint delivers amazing coverage durability, weather, and water resistance to fading with scratches.

It offers highly professional finishes for any vehicle like cars, bikes, trucks, and even boats. Various vehicles also allow you to paint on different surfaces like plastic, rubber, vinyl, hoods, and trims.   

What are the features of it?

Features of This VHT HOOD

  • This bumper spray paint of particularly formulated to offer a black satin finish.
  • It is suitable for those who would like to get an OEM appearance that is different from the standard gloss colour. The finish looks dark brown, not very black.
  • For added longevity, you can use this spray paint over factory finishes like acrylic enamels, clears, waxes, and even other VHT products. Make sure you wash the surface perfectly before applying the paint.

Why We Love It?

The VHT hood canister paint arrives in an 11-ounce container. It takes only less than 1-minutes to dry with very little odour for the fantastic finish. So, if you seek to add some new style to your car without sacrificing performance, this unit is the value of your consideration.    

Reason to Buy

  • It leaves a satin finish
  • It takes less than one minute with a lower odour
  • You can apply it on different surfaces
  • Make sure top-notch covering on plastic bumpers

Reason to Avoid

  • None

Why Do We Recommend It?

Though it could be available at the most reasonable prices, this model’s performance is marvelous. It facilitates applications with top-notch covering. It makes sure that you will get a shiny and perfect finish on every coat when you use it. 

04. Dupli-color silver automotive paint

Dupli-Color Silver Mist (M) Exact-Match Automotive Paint - 8 oz

The second one of the Duplicolor on our list is another Best paint for plastic car trim. This product is well-known to offer its users fantastic performance, and with this pack, you can be expecting no variation. The most lucrative feature of the pack is that you will get three high-performance things. 

The features of it are below: 

Features of This Duplicolor

  • If you want to pick this paint for repainting your bumper with this product, you will get almost due to its performance. It will help you get your car just like it has been released from the factory.
  • The compact dimension increases the mobility factor and allows you have a great finish.
  • The weight of this unit is an essential feature all over.

Why We Love It?

This painter pack is extremely a great pack, where this one contains three items – two oil acrylic silver mist paint with one Duplicolor prep wipe towelette.

This towelette is designed to remove oil, wax, grease, and other contaminants from the surface of the bumper. This is must need for any paint project as it cleans and prepare the bumper for painting.   

Reason to Buy

  • The perfect package of two cans of paint
  • Offer a smooth and glossy satin finish
  • It doesn’t require any premier before painting
  • Easy to manoeuvre and can be stored anywhere

Reason to Avoid

  • The spray nozzle can play up

Why Do We Recommend It?

Most car owners love it for their vehicles because it is super durable and delivers an OEM lustre thanks to its acrylic lacquer aerosol spray paint. It is easy to use and dry faster, which makes you pleasure to work. 

05. Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Gloss, White, 12 oz

You may be familiar with Krylon paint, which has always won users’ hearts in the home automotive world. This 12-ounce, 2-in-1 Krylon pack offers you paint plus primer at a time. So, it doesn’t require any primer before applying this pint on the bumper.

What are the features of it? Move on and see!

Features of This Krylon

  • It arrives with so many colour options. It will ensure you get the accurate shade you are seeking for your vehicle’s bumper. 
  • The spray nozzle on this bottle is superior to assist you in gaining smooth and uniform coverage. 
  • You can apply this colour on several surfaces like metal, wood, and much more. 
  • It was designed to be long lasting enough for application both indoors and outdoors. And it takes only 10-minutes to dry and complete your task very faster.  

Why We Love It?

As a higher-quality trim and bumper spray paint, it permits you to apply it on any automotive surface. It is perfect for metal trimming, painting, and coating bumpers. It doesn’t only offer a sleek white gloss look and saves the metal so that you don’t need to buy an extra topcoat.   

Reason to Buy

  • Premium coverage
  • Long-lasting Covermax technology
  • Ideal for plastic, metal, wood, and more
  • Excellent colour

Reason to Avoid

  • Makes bubbles during spray

Why Do We Recommend It?

It is worth mentioning that most people like it to get superb color at this reasonable price. It doesn’t compel you to break the bank or invest more pennies for it. It is a more familiar and famous paint in the automotive world.   

06. SEM Paints Color Coat

SEM Paints SEM15243 Satin Black Color Coat Aerosol 12 Ounce

Now we are into our last product, and our final paint is from SEM paint, the best spray paint for bumpers.

If your vehicle’s bumper has become discolored and faded, it helps you upgrade the look of this bumper so faster, and you can use it whatever you haven’t much more experience.  

Lastly, let’s see its features! 

Features of This SEM

  • With this black satin paint, you can refinish the nice paint of your plastic carpet or velour.
  • It is more than just paint, and it is an elastomeric coverage that won’t crack or flake off. 
  • The paint holds to the surface, and it is sprayed on to make a sturdy yet stretchy coating.     

Why We Love It?

You will love it for its great finishing color. The can contains 12 ounce fluid of paint that can easily be painted at least 15 sq feet. If your eyes are fixed to locate affordable price paint that offers a good amount of paint, this one is perfect for you.  

Reason to Buy

  • It doesn’t require any promoter
  • Durable and nice finish
  • Coverage higher areas with a can
  • No cracking or bubble

Reason to Avoid

  • It can be flaked or chip off

Why Do We Recommend It?

Our aim is to introduce you to the best plastic bumper paint for trim or bumper, which will be the best and reliable forever. And from this intention, we recommend this spray paint to you. Yes, it comes with higher quality, but it doesn’t compare the quality with the less expensive price. 

What Should You Look at Before Buying the Best Plastic Bumper Paint?

Plastic bumper paint has become a more popular choice for car owners with advanced technology. They seek it to restore their discolored bumper appearance. When it comes to painting your automobile bumper, there have some things that you have to consider before final purchase. In this section, we will discuss the facts. 


The first fact is the most important that you have to take in your first step is to check the brand name of the bumper paint. The plastic bumper is an extremely competitive market, and every brand is different in features and quality.

Ensuring which brand you want to offer you the higher quality result that your vehicles require is significant.


Longevity is another important fact worth considering. You wouldn’t like to paint the bumper within three months, and the paint has worn off. 

So, the perfect bumper paint for you has to be able to stand up to tough weather conditions like rain, snow, and sun. And also it can last for one year which in turn saves your money.

Additionally, the duration of the paint tasks varies with the surfaces, so it is hard to say how long time your paint will last. However, most manufacturers suggest that plastic bumper paints have to be applied every two years based on usage and condition.

Suitable to use

Spray painting is much faster than regular old paint, and they are convenient to use. Eliminate unessential mess and drips by buying an aerosol can with a great nozzle.

Some paint cans can be sprayed from any angle with no dripping a bit. So, you don’t need to waste products either. We recommend red out customer reviews so you can get real users’ thoughts on the application’s ways.

Colour Compatibility

Unless multi-colored cars are facts, you need to pay attention to match this paint to your car’s color code. It may seem like a challenge, but many manufacturers list their color codes, including their user manual.

These color codes tell you if your car has a single or more tone to make the car’s color so, getting it is more significant. Alternatively, you can buy spray paint with color match properties. These sprays have a unique formula that blends smoothly with the existing color and matches it properly.

Drying Time

You want to ensure the paint has a pretty shorter drying time. If your car’s bumper requires fresh paint, but you have to find a significant meeting first thing in the morning but don’t have the whole day to wait for it to dry, then this factor becomes vital.


If you are a professional worker with paint, you will appreciate the paint as easy to use. Most plastic bumper paint arrives with an aerosol spray can with a nozzle that sprays out the paint. Some of the nozzles spray the paint from different angles. 

However, a few nozzles spray narrow or uneven. When purchasing plastic bumper paint, make sure it includes a nozzle that can spread the paint and doesn’t require additional steps for applications.


The surface you are painting can affect your choice with the paint. For instance, if you are painting on plastic or metal, you have to find some water-resistant. You want to be able to wash off any dust that arrives into contact with the paint to remain it seeking stunning.

Painting guide

The manufacturers have to offer you some instruction on how best to use their product. So, ensure the paint you would like to buy should have something like this! It is value noting that most brands will add this in an online PDF or at the bottle’s surface.


The price you should pay for the best bumper paint is based on the quality of the products and how much time it will take to apply. As a general rule, the higher quality paints cost more than low-quality ones. It is because they are long-lasting and can withstand rough weather conditions better. 

So, if you would like your car’s surface to look well no matter the climate outside, you are going to should pay for higher quality products.

People Also Ask (FAQs) 

#1. Do I need a primer for the plastic bumper?

If you have a plastic bumper of your car, you have to use a primer before painting. Primer offers the best bond for the finish coat, and it helps to hide any scratches in the paint.

#2. Does spray paint work on plastic?

Yes, paint that is specifically designed to paint the plastic items performs better on bumper plastic. The application method is no more important than the sort of paint itself.   

#3. How long does it take to paint a bumper?

The painting time on a bumper mainly depends on how much damage the bumper is faultily the color. If it is a touch-up task, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes with spray paint. But if you need to cover a complete bumper with many coats, it takes about 24-hours, and you also need to wait for 4 to 5 days to cure fully.  

#4. What is the best paint to use on plastic? Does acrylic paint stay on plastic?

There are acrylic paints available on the market. They are designed for covering the plastic surface. However, we suggested gloss depend on paints to be the best and more log lasting for this sort of materials. 


If your car’s bumper is plastic or metal, you have all the information to give it needs. The Rust-Oleum Automotive Paint performed incredibly well and left us with a nice finish out of top-listed plastic bumpers. And our top pick for plastic and metal will leave you with less rust and durability. 

We hope you feel more prepared for your next Dying project.

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