How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater – 6 best steps to start operating

Stihl has a reputation for manufacturing power tools like chainsaws, weed trimmers, and other heavy-duty machinery. They engineered dozens of weed eater models, ranging from light-duty residential options to heavy-duty professional-grade models.

We crafted this article on “how to start a Stihl weed eater” properly. Since Stihl manufactured several weed eater models, one question might have popped up in your mind; is the discussed start-up steps are compatible with my current models?

Well, different Stihl weed trimmer models are indeed available on the market. The good news is; their starting steps are almost similar Without further ado, let’s dive in.


How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater – Step by Step Process

Here is a guide on the starting method of the Stihl weed trimmer. Ensure following the step meticulously.

Step 01: Fuel Tank Inspecting

Before starting the Stihl weed eater, make sure to check the fuel tank. It means the fuel tank is filled with enough fuel so that you can start the device conveniently. Now you might be wondering, what if I find a low fuel level? This may interfere with the start of the weed eater or interrupt the start-up process entirely.

However, if you own a gas-powered Stihl weed eater, this process is necessary. For an electric-powered Stihl weed trimmer, you don’t need to follow this step. To add fuel into the tank, locate the cap of the fuel tank filler and place it on a flat surface, facing it up. Twist the filler cap and pull it to fill the tank with gasoline.

Generally, other gas weed eater’s ratio of gas to oil is 40:1. In terms of Stihl gas weed trimmer, this ratio should be 50:1. While filling up the tank, closely monitor the tank level to avoid overfilling. After fulfilling the tank to the right level, place the filler cap and twist it to lock properly.

Step 02: Clear Your Surroundings

The next step is to clear your surroundings for safety purposes. If any things can catch fire easily, remove them immediately.

Why is it necessary?

After starting the machine, the head of the weed trimmer will spin instantly. So, if the eater line comes into contact with any foreign object, an unwanted incident may arise. Simultaneously, before starting the weed trimmer, make sure that no one else is within a radius of more than 10 meters.

Step 03: Turn the Machine On

Now, press down the throttle trigger interlock and don’t release your finger. In other weed eater models, it is also known as the lockout lever. The throttle trigger needs to be squeezed, and the starter must be switched to the “ON” position when both levers are connected.

The “ON” point is mentioned by the letter “I” on the most gas-powered weed eater. In some models, the “START” word is used, making it easy to understand. Besides, other models need to start the engine before moving the switch to the starting position effortlessly. Once the weed trimmer starts successfully, the pressure needs to be released from both levers gradually.

Step 04: Set the Choke to the Right Position

Locate the choke knob. Generally, you will find it on the weed eater base’s black part, near the ripcord. The Stihl weed trimmer’s choke color is orange, so seeing it will become easy for you.

You need to set the choke position depending on the engine’s condition. For the cold condition of the engine, the choke position should be “FULL.” On the other hand, set the choke position to “Half-Choke” for the warm condition of the engine. Then, press the fuel bulb. Don’t stop pressing it until it is filled with fuel.

Step 05: Place the Weed Eater on an Even Surface

The next step is of utmost essential. Place the weed trimmer on a flat surface. In this case, you have to make sure that when the device is lying on the floor, the starter grip handle touched the surface. At the same time, the weed eater line should not touch any outer object.

Step 06: Tug the Starter Grip Handle

We are at the final step of how to start a Stihl weed eater. Don’t rush when pulling the starter grip handle. Go slowly. Give a quick tug after feeling resistance.

Now, tanging may happen if you don’t guide the rope to the rope loading. Next, give at least 4 strong and quick pulls to the cord before you set the choke lever at the middle setting. This needs to continue until the engine starts successfully.

Finally, set the throttle trigger to its idle point once the engine starts operating fully.

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What to do If the Stihl Weed Trimmer Won’t Start Successfully?

After following the above steps, if your Stihl weed eater doesn’t start operating, be sure something is wrong. Here we shared some of the reasons which might play a crucial role in the faulty starting of your Stihl weed eater.

Clogged Air Filter

Your weed eater may not show a clogged air filter problem if it is new. After continuous use, the weed eater’s air filter may get clogged. For troubleshooting this issue, you need to follow the below processes.

To see the air filter:

  1. Remove the housing of the plastic engine.
  2. Scrutinize the air filter to know whether it is clogged.
  3. If it is clogged, clean it carefully.

Grab a small brush to clean the air filter. Also, your hands might be good enough; the choice is yours. If you find any damage, better replace it. Air filters are inexpensive, and you will find a good quality product costing only $2 – $5.

Damaged Spark Plug

Be sure, due to a damaged or worn spark plug; your Stihl weed eater won’t start. In this case, you have no other choice except to replace it.

Usually, a spark plug’s lifespan is 100 hours. By opening the casing of the engine of your weed eater, inspect for visible debris or damage.

Cleaning is mandatory if there is any damage. You need to do his periodically because the spark plug will wear out quickly if the weed trimmer performs continuously with damage. The good news is, spark plug replacing will cost you not more than $5, and the replacement process is also straightforward.


When you find that oil is leaking or black smoke is emitting, be sure the carburetor is damaged. It happens when you use the fuel following an inaccurate gas to oil ratio. You need to mandatorily follow the oil gas ratio because repairing is quite challenging if the carburetor gets damaged without professional assistance. Also, you have to pay $75 – $100 for this.


What is the lifespan of a Stihl Weed Eater?

You will get 4 – 6 years of service from a Stihl Weed Eater when used following the proper operating process. Also, periodic maintenance plays a vital role. Proper gas to oil ratio, right fuel, periodic cleaning of the dust from the air filter is some of the maintenance procedures.

Is Stihl Weed Trimmer Value for the Price?

Stihl weed trimmers are long-lasting, made of durable materials, and powerful. Gas-powered Stihl weed eaters are suitable for projects that require long working hours. In addition, the electric-powered option allows you to save fuel. Whether you buy a gas-powered or electric weed eater, Stihl weed eaters are worth every buck.

How to Store a Stihl Weed Eater?

Make sure to store a Stihl weed eater vertically. The engine needs to be pointed up when stored. Also, use a peg to hang the trimmer, so the trimmer line doesn’t touch the floor.

Sum Up

Hopefully, you are now well aware of “how to start a Stihl weed eater” efficiently. In order to get the best result from your wood heater, it is significantly essential to start the machine successfully.

Follow the suitable gas to oil ratio and use proper fuel to get long-term service. Regular cleaning is also vital. If you don’t do this maintenance, your device will start malfunctioning and cost you more money.

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