Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails – 4 effective Steps to Troubleshoot the Problem

A nail gun is an essential tool in the woodworking or constructing sector. This tool is simple, reliable, and engineered to drive thousands of nails per day for years. If it stops working, the user becomes frustrated. Sometimes, nail gun not shooting nails after pulling the trigger. There are several ways to troubleshoot this problem. The good news is, fixation processes are effortless, and you can do it yourself.

We shared the most efficient methods of doing and avoiding when a nail gun is jammed. Read this article carefully and get back to your work quickly.

nail gun not shooting nails

Safety First!

Nails are sharp, and when handled inattentively, unwanted injury can happen. Therefore, to remain risk-free and follow the below points.

  • Nails and other materials can fly when working. Wear goggles to keep your eyes safe.
  • When clearing the jam, remember to wear hand gloves.
safty first

Generally, a nail gun creates a little noise when working. The created sound level of the nail gun is 70dB – 120dB, and it is not good for ears at all. So put on earmuffs or earbuds when working.

Why Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails?

Usually, all pneumatic tools create a certain problem. For example, a nail gun that just blows air is a common issue with this tool. Here are a few reasons behind this problem.

Jammed Nail

Nail guns are prone to jam, and this is the common reason no nail is coming out from your nail gun. Due to the jam, other nails are unable to come out. If you constantly pull the trigger without solving the problem, the jam will worsen the situation.

Gas-fuel Cell is About to Drain

Gas-fuel cells power nail guns to work. However, it can be outdated over time. In this case, your nail gun can shoot blank. But, until the cell is being refilled, the nail gun will not bet shooting out nails.

Uncharged Battery

If you own a battery-powered nail gun, the battery can get old, or it can be out of charge. So your nail gun will not shoot nails in such things.

Now, you must replace the battery if it is defective. If you are wondering, when can I call a battery defective? The clear answer is, if you find that the nail gun battery is not performing at its optimum level or is not retaining power after having full charge, you can call it a defective battery. If your nail gun has a warranty, consider contacting the manufacturer.

However, this is inapplicable for a corded nail gun.

Wrong Nail Size & Type

A nail gun will stop firing nails if you choose the wrong nail size. Every nail gun is compatible with a specific nail size and type. So, if the pin is incompatible with the nail that you have, the nail will not come out from the gun. Beginners make this mistake more often. When buying a nail gun, one must check the compatible sizes and types of nails for the gun.

Wrong Fuel

As already learned, due to the wrong nail size and type, a nail gun may stop shooting nails. You will see that the wrong type of fuel used in the nail will have the same effect. In fact, incompatibility is a big concern with the nail gun.

Dust and Dirt

Every tool requires periodic maintenance and a nail gun is also no exception. If you are not a regular user of your nail gun and store it in your toolbox for many days, then dust and dirt will build up inside the gun. It also can happen if you don’t do periodic cleaning of your nail gun.

Due to the above reasons, a nail gun can blow air instead of driving nails. In the next section, we will look into the fixation methods of these problems.

How to Fix Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails Problem

The fixation method is extremely effortless. Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 01: Remove the Cord from the Power Source

When repairing power tools, you have to unplug them from the power outlet to avoid unwanted situations. Although nail gun power sources differ from model to model. Figure out your nail gun’s power source.

This is a mandatory step when cleaning a jammed nail gun. If you don’t do so, fixing the issue will be dangerous.

Step 02: Take Out the Unused Nails from the Nail Gun

After accomplishing the first step, you need to remove all the unfired nails from the nail gun. Remember to complete this step. As the jam stops the gun from shooting nails, once you clear the jam, the tool will start driving nails continuously without any trouble.

Step 03: Jam Clearing

Now, you need to clear the jam if your nail gun stops performing due to the jam. When clearing the jam by opening the nail gun, you need to keep yourself safe because the nails are sharp.

First, locate the release lever. It is the safest and easiest way to get into the jam inside. You can open the nail gun barrel easily with the help of the release lever.

Getting into the magazine will be so simple with a flip-style nailer. Also, you don’t need to use any other tools in this process. Then use a pair of pliers to get all the nails out. Completing this process will take much time. Make sure that no nails are available inside the magazine. Otherwise, the whole fixation method will go in vain.

Finding the jammed nail and removing it can be challenging. So, be prepared for it.

If a latch is unavailable in your nail gun, don’t worry. You will surely find screws at the top of the nail gun; unscrew them to get into the nails.  

Step 04: Install New Nails and Plug the Tool into a Power Source

In this step, you have to assemble everything so that the nail gun can get back to work. Choose the right nail size and the right fuel. Then insert the nails into the gun. Both are significantly essential as due to the wrong nail size and fuel type, the nail gun will stop working again.

Once you assemble all the things, connect the device to a power outlet. Finally, you are ready to handle a project.

Why Does My Nail Gun Shoot Two Nails?

Shooting two nails is not a common problem of nail guns, but it can happen. Firing two nails after triggering once is called “Double Kiss.” A serious problem may occur for this. When a double kiss happens, the successive nail hits the first nail’s head, causing a jam of the device, damaging the tool, and may hit the user.

This problem occurs because of the below reasons.

  • Improper handling of the contact shooting mode. When driving the nail head down on a surface, the nailer requires adequate pressure. A double kiss happens if the device doesn’t get enough pressure.
  • If the piston and valve get low air pressure to assist the nailer bounce back.
  • When the trigger valve leaks air, the driving force becomes weak when the nail gets released.
  • If the contact actuation stops providing its service

If a double kiss occurs for unsafe handling of the nail gun, then follow the below process to solve.

Step 01: The nailer needs to be removed from the work surface

Step 02: The trigger requires pressing and holding the head tightly until the nail is charged.

Ensure proper air pressure is available when operating a nail gun. This way, bounce back will be avoided. In addition, consult with a professional if you find a defect in the contact actuation system or leakage in the trigger valve.

Last Words

Didn’t you find the troubleshooting and fixation processes of nail guns not shooting nails a straightforward problem? The best thing is, you don’t require any assistance from a specialized tool to find out and solve the problem. Remember, regular oiling will reduce the jammed nails problem drastically.

Whenever you notice that your nail gun is performing poorly, try to diagnose it and fix the issue accordingly. In this guide, we shared a few nail gun problems and solutions as well. Meanwhile, regular oiling and maintenance are necessary if you want the best performance from your nail gun.

Finally, don’t forget to take safety precautions when dealing with a nail gun.

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